Government guarantees control of public funds in the electoral process; Officials who aspire to political office will be given leave.


Dominican Republic.- President Luis Abinader guaranteed the protection and control of public funds in the ongoing electoral process this Monday.


The information was released at a press conference at the National Palace, where the president said he reaffirmed his commitment to the public regarding the importance of “overcoming the history of excessive spending that for decades has accompanied electoral processes.”


The issue was discussed by the Cabinet for Transparency and Prevention of Public Expenditure, meeting in session on Tuesday, May 31, deciding to appear in full before Dominican society to recall the constitutional, legal, or regulatory frameworks that oblige us as citizens to overcome practices that strengthening the political system should not harm public finances.

The general director of Ethics and Government Integrity, Milagros Ortiz Bosch, said that the Constitution of the Republic in its article 39 establishes the “right to equality so that no person can be discriminated against for reasons of thought, militancy, practice or choice of their political preferences.

Likewise, the Magna Carta establishes in Article 138 that “the fundamental principles of public administration are clear when establishing the principles of equality and transparency as criteria of special importance in the management of public affairs.”

In the same order, they explain that Law 41-08 of Public Function in article 80, numeral 14, establishes prohibitions: “require, induce or force their subordinates to participate in political or partisan activities, be it for their benefit or the benefit of third parties.”

Like Law 33-18 of Political Parties, Groups and Movements in its article 25, numeral one prohibits: “carrying out any activity that tends or results in suppressing, ignoring or diminishing human rights or freedoms, rights or individual guarantees and social rights enshrined in the constitution and laws.”

While in its numeral 9, it prohibits: “imposing or accepting requirements or deductions from salaries to public employees or private companies, even when it is alleged that they are contributions or voluntary donations.”

“Because of the above, this management is characterized by regulatory compliance that strengthens the management of public funds and the promotion of a culture of transparency.”

Dr. Ortiz Bosch added that “our commitment against impunity continues to be profound, which is why we will continue to investigate possible violations of these principles, as well as protecting public servants with due diligence and discretion. And with democratic conviction defending the application of the norms recalled here”.

Present were the ministers of the Presidency, Joel Santos; administrative, José Ignacio Paliza; from Mescyt, Franklin García Fermín; of Economy, Pável Isa; of Public Administration, Darío Castillo; budget, José Rijo Presbot; of Public Procurement, Carlos Pimentel; Government Accounting, Rómulo Arias and Financial Analysis, Carlos Castellano.

Also, the Vice Minister of Education, Julio Cordero; the comptroller, Félix Santana and the national treasurer, Luis Delgado.



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