Governor Kathy Hochul, Consul Eligio Jáquez, elected officials, and community activists celebrate Dominican Day in Albany, NY.


New York: In the act of monolithic patriotic unity, the Dominican Consul General in this State, Eligio Jáquez, the Governor of the State, Kathy Hochul, the Caucus of elected officials and community activists celebrated on Tuesday, May 23, the Day of the Dominicans in Albany, NY.

The event organized by the Caucus of Dominican Elected Officials of NY was graced with the visit of the Governor of the State, Mrs. Kathy Hochul, and the Dominican consul, Eng. Eligio Jáquez, recognized with a proclamation delivery, was the guest official. The event was attended by various authorities from the State and the city’s five counties.

The commemorative ceremony was organized by the Dominican Assemblymen Caucus, which is made up of KARINES REYES, from District 87, AMANDA SEPTIMO from District 84, YUDELKA TAPIA, from District 86, and MANNY de los SANTOS from District 72. George Álvarez from District 78 was held at the State Assembly Hall (NY STATE CAPITOL).

“Today, to our pride, there are some 24 judges in various circuits, more than 3,000 police officers and around 249 principals of schools in notable positions,” exclaimed the Consul General of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Eligio Jáquez, highlighting the role that the Dominicans play in NY.

Likewise, to celebrate Dominican Day in Albany, six citizens were chosen for their greatness, and their contributions to the development of the Dominican community were recognized. Among others, Aneiry Batista, Denise Núñez, Janet Peguero, Clarissa Rodríguez, Jeffrey García and Rafael Ortega.

Dominican Day in Albany is a local celebration promoted by elected legislators of Dominican origin. Homage is paid to the homeland and its National Independence, which is why it is celebrated annually.

Jáquez, representative of the Executive Power in the city of NY, proudly celebrated the fact that a Dominican is the first Latino in the history of the town to manage to occupy the Directorate of the Department of Transportation, DOT, which in his opinion, portends a great future for the Dominican community, not only in NYC and the State but throughout the nation.



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