GSD merchants are Concerned about low sales and rising food prices at Easter


Due to the departure of people to the country’s interior, some merchants in Greater Santo Domingo are concerned about the decline in sales and the rise in prices of some items in the basic family basket.


Merchants and market stall owners were consulted in a tour of the Herrera market and various capital sectors.


As is the tradition during the biggest week, hundreds of Dominicans leave the capital city to travel inland, thus reducing commercial activity in Santo Domingo.

This is why business owners complain that sales have decreased on this second day of Easter and that they could present economic losses due to the few buyers and the rise in some items.

Balaguer Romero has a large supply of plantains, which must be revered to guarantee their investment; however, those that ripen with luck can sell them before they deteriorate.

Parents of families and homemakers have strategies adapted to the situation the market is going through. When plantains, potatoes, cassava, and yautía become more expensive, they buy cheaper products despite not being their favorite dish.

Given the slight drop in inflation reported by the Central Bank in February for food, some residents of Ensanche la Fe denounce that the commanders frequently make excessive increases without consequences from the authorities responsible for price supervision and control.

Plantains in the Herrera market sell for 20 pesos, sweet potatoes for 18 a pound, beans for 60 a pound, and cod sells for 160 a pound. However, in Ensanche la Fe, chicken meat is between 85 and 125 pesos per pound.



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