Gurabo Stream project to benefit 900,000 and reduce river pollution


Arnaud explains the magnitude of the Gurabo Stream project inaugurated by President Abinader, which will impact 900,000 people.

New York:  President Luis Abinader inaugurated the second phase of the Gurabo Stream sanitation project in Santiago on Friday, December 15. According to Wellington Arnaud, executive director of the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewerage (INAPA) in the province of Santiago, Dominican Republic, the project will impact the lives of more than 900,000 people.

On the Dominican program “El Zol de la Mañana,” Arnaud reported installing 16 kilometers of drinking water pipelines and sanitary sewer networks.

Arnaud shared that under President Abinader’s leadership, the project relocated over 600 families and delivered 450 apartments. The wastewater has been successfully directed to a collector, which then conveys the water to the Rafey treatment plant.
He explained that two 16-inch pipes were installed to collect wastewater previously discharged into the Gurabo Stream, causing a 43% contamination of the Yaque del Norte River, where they recovered 20%.

President Abinader handed over the first phase of the Gurabo Stream sanitation on March 29, accompanied by the INAPA director, Wellington Arnaud.

Moreover, Arnaud pointed out this initiative’s significant environmental and social benefits. It is projected to eradicate 43% of the pollution in the Yaque del Norte River, and in a powerful social upliftment, it will pull over 6,000 households out of extreme poverty.



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