Haitians sought refuge in the United States embassy


Dozens of people were dispersed this Tuesday by the Haitian National Police (PNH) after fleeing their homes in the Tabarre neighborhood of the capital due to violence by armed gangs; they stationed themselves in front of the United States embassy looking for security.


“We are forced to leave our houses because of the bandits. We came to take refuge in front of the embassy. They fired tear gas at us to dissolve us, ”Sonia, 37, who was in the place with her three children, told EFE.
The use of tear gas created a tense situation around the legation, with the congregants running in all directions.
There were babies, children, women, and especially young people from areas such as Dumornay, Gillette, and Marquette in Tabarre, prey to gang violence.


After being evicted, Sonia said she was forced to return home, despite the precarious security situation. “‘I will return. I came to the embassy for help; they fired tear gas at me. I sign to go home; if I die, I will die at home, ”she exclaimed in anguish.

Since the weekend, the gangs have returned to action in various parts of the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area and other Haitian cities, increasing the number of kidnappings and the proliferation of armed attacks throughout the country.
The armed gangs have resurfaced amid the decline of the Bwa Kale justice movement, which has led to the deaths of more than 200 suspected criminals and associates of the bandits who have wreaked havoc for the past five years.

Last weekend, at least a dozen people were kidnapped in Haiti, including a journalist, while the Police seem powerless to deal with the situation.
On Monday, the 17th of this month, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) reported that it would have to cut food aid in Haiti due to a lack of funds.

“Tragically, this means that 100,000 of the most vulnerable Haitians are forced to survive this month without any help from WFP,” a statement said.

WFP said that with the current level of funding for the year, the agency does not have the resources to provide food aid to the 750,000 people who urgently need it.

The funding decline comes at a time when 4.9 million Haitians, nearly half the population, face humanitarian needs and can’t find enough to eat.

The WFP response plan is only 16% funded, although six months of 2023 have already passed.



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