Harris was made fun of for his new word salad, calling the spy balloon “not good” for relations between the United States and China.


A sarcastic Twitter user asked for “friendly balloons only.”

Twitter users made fun of Vice President Kamala Harris for giving yet another convoluted, wordy response that culminated in her assertion that the Chinese surveillance balloon that the United States shot down in its airspace was “not good” for relations between the United States and China.

The Vice President received criticism from perplexed internet users for her odd and subdued language when describing a significant geopolitical threat to the United States.


In a recent MSNBC exclusive interview with MSNBC presenter Andrea Mitchell, Harris used some words that raised some eyebrows. After the spy balloon was shot down close to South Carolina, Harris spoke about the incident and America’s current relationship with China.
The Vice President’s balloon talk first caught our attention because it contained another example of her signature clumsy word salad from her. The second was that it had an odd explanation of the danger that the spy balloon itself posed.

She remarked, “We will continue to have the views we now hold regarding how China and the United States should interact. That won’t change, but there’s no denying that balloon was a bad idea, which is why we shot it down.”

Harris reiterated earlier this week that she thought the Chinese surveillance balloon violating American airspace shouldn’t impact relations between the two nations. She said, “I don’t think so, no,” when Politico questioned her on Tuesday about if the balloon had altered the situation.
After the Mitchell interview, Harris’ detractors made fun of her wordiness of her and blasted her for holding back on the spy balloon issue.

Jack Lombardi II, a prominent conservative Christian, mockingly tweeted, “A master of words and influence.”

Rep. Tim Burchett, a Republican from Tennessee, made fun of Harris and said, “Thank you for clearing that up.”
Curtis Houck, a managing editor of NewsBusters, made fun of Harris’ careful use of language when he said, “Oh, so the balloon has feelings now?”

Kamala’s rationale was criticized by conservative commentator @TheGreatJeffMac in a tweet that read, “Water is moist. In the Water, you get wet.”

Harris was mocked by the conservative influencer team @tiffanyandsadie, who said Harris “missed her de ella calling de ella to be a preschool helper.”
Vice President Kamala D. Harris was criticized by former President Bill Clinton’s accuser Juanita Broaddrick, who wrote, “Warning: Seeing Kamala talk puts you at risk of losing brain cells and reducing your IQ.”


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