Hipólito questions the arrest of former officials; see, there is “retaliation.”


SANTO DOMINGO, DR:  The former President of the Republic, Hipólito Mejía (2000-2004), proclaimed this Sunday that he does not believe in the independence of justice and does not like “retaliation.”


He issued this opinion when journalists asked for his statement on the arrest of former officials of the past government of Danilo Medina and the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), currently in opposition.


“Look, I am a frontal enemy of the Dominican justice scheme and I do not forgive what happened to me. I lasted five years and seven months enduring all kinds of insults and disrespect to the people of the Supreme Court of Justice. I do not agree with the famous absolute freedom or independence of justice; I don’t believe in that, I don’t like retaliation, I don’t know the details, but I don’t like retaliation, I disagree with that,” he emphasized.

After pointing out that “the tranquility of the country must be preserved,” he said that he also agrees that “he who screwed up must pay for it, if he screwed up in his pocket, he must pay for it.”

However, he emphasized that he does not like “that little game of leaks and information and disrespect.”

Mejía is a senior leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) government and is linked to various high-level officials.

He did not specify the circumstances or reasons he received bad treatment from the country’s highest court.



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