How to Modify Windows’ Date and Time Format


The Windows computer’s clock is set to 12-hour format by default. However, Windows allows you to switch to alternative time formats if you don’t like the default one.


Additionally, it supports the 24-hour format, also known as the military format internationally. You can choose a different form by going to the regional settings on your PC. Modifying the date and time format is integrated into Windows settings. To learn how to change the date and time format, read this article all the way through.
How can I change the Windows date and time format?


You can modify the date and time format on your PC in many ways. Depending on your preferences, you can select any of the following choices. Although your Windows version may modify the interface, the general procedures are the same.

Employing Settings

You may modify Windows’ date and time formats from the settings app. The most straightforward approach to customize the scenes is to do it this way. How to do it is as follows:

With Windows 10

For Settings to open, press Win + I.
Choose Time and Language.
From the left side, select Region.
Change data types by clicking it.
From the drop-down menu next to “Short time” and “Long time,” choose the time format you like. Long time denotes the total time, whereas Short time denotes a condensed version of the displayed time.
Similarly, you may modify the date format on your PC by selecting a different design from the drop-down option under Short date/Long date.
With Windows 11

For Settings to open, press Win + I.
From the left panel, select Time and Language.
Select Language & area by clicking.
Select Short time/Long time from the drop-down option to alter the time format. Select Short or Long date from the drop-down boxes to modify the date format.



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