Hundreds in Philadelphia support the candidacy of Henry Abreu Morillo for FP deputy abroad.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada


NEW YORK: In a crowded activity held in Philadelphia, hundreds of members and supporters of the People’s Force gathered. Said activity culminated in reaffirming the leadership of the city of Philadelphia’s Political Directorate and Seal the Leadership and the candidacy for the Overseas Deputy of Henry Abreu.
The activity was carried out by the Political Directorate of the County of Philadelphia, headed by its President Gerson Ferrer and Secretary General Santiago Bravo.
At the time of his presentation, candidate Henry Abreu was deliriously applauded with the slogan: “The New Wave” and “Henry Abreu Deputy.”
In his speech, the candidate for Overseas Deputy, Henry Abreu, thanked the organizers of the event, Gerson Ferrer, Santiago Bravo, Felix González, and the entire Political Directorate of the County of Philadelphia, for their unrestricted support and for granting him the privilege of taking that stage. of his Political consecration, to Seal what will be an indisputable triumph as Overseas Deputy.
He urged the County Political Directorate not to dwell on trifles.
They must continue working tirelessly in favor of the triumph of Dr. Leonel Fernández because the country lacks an experienced Leadership that can propel our Nation along luminous paths.
Through this extraordinary act, you have shown the connotation and tangibility of leaving far behind the wasteland that Philadelphia represented, which many called with the pejorative nickname of Mount and snake.
Today, a new and prolific Leadership has been born, endorsed by the participation of all the great Leaders of the State of Pennsylvania.
He predicted that he would not simply win the nomination as Pre-candidate for Deputy but also that he would win the congressional elections, breaking with the stigmatization created by idleness and the absolute lack of will of the Overseas Deputies who have held the position.
He emphasized that he would create projects that redound in favor of our highly abused and spoiled diaspora with the draconian consular services.
He deeply thanked his team for the relentless and unreserved support they gave him every day. That is a TEAM that many would like to have. He mentioned and infinitely thanked his Team Members:
Luis Irizarry, Arabelis Nin, Luis Nin, Roberto Mora, Elio Lora, Onésimo Reyes, Virgilio Puello, David Vargas, Jenniffer Espinal, who is his assistant, Ingrid Liriano, Carlos Chacón, Deyanira Polanco, Vicente Gómez, George Ciprián Nixon Ramon, and Rosangel Alzequiel.
Charlene Canaán, Deputy for the Hermanas Mirabal Province, was at the main table and supported Henry Abreu.



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