IDAC considers non-negotiable compliance with standards to certify air operators


SANTO DOMINGO.- The general director (i) of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), Héctor Porcella, declared that compliance with all the requirements and processes established in the national regulations and the Aviation standards is non-negotiable for that institution. International Civil to deliver the certification to an aeronautical operator.

He affirmed that the streamlining of the approval processes of several airlines and other aviation operators that have been certified during the current IDAC management has been due to the strengthening of the responsible technical areas and the adoption of measures to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy, following the guidelines outlined by President Luis Abinader to facilitate new investments and support the economic development that the country demands.

When delivering the certification to ¨Empresas AIC, Ground Handling¨, he made the statement as Aircraft Ground Assistance Agent, to provide Platform and Cabin Operations Services at the Cibao International Airport, Santiago province.

“As of today, you are officially endorsed by this institute as a company that complies with the regulations to be able to operate in the international airport of Santiago,” said Porcella when delivering the corresponding certificate to Mr. Julio Cocco, Operations Manager of Empresas AIC, Ground Handling.
And he added: “I would like to take this opportunity to specify that our institution has mandatory procedures, processes, and phases to grant any license in the civil aeronautical field of the Dominican Republic, but as long as the interested parties comply with all Dominican aeronautical regulations. And the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

He stated that compliance with the different phases established in the regulations and standards is a non-negotiable aspect of the certification of an aeronautical operator since it guarantees the operational safety and sustainable development of Dominican civil aviation.

New guide to facilitate processes

Porcella explained that the current management of the IDAC has also taken a great step to facilitate the compliance that is required of the operators through the new “User Guide related to the necessary procedures for the certification of air operators” prepared by the Directorate of Flight Standards, with the support of the Legal Department and the other technical departments of the institution.

He indicated that this guide defines the five phases that air operators must comply with to receive the certification.



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