International Union of Officials and Civilians in NY recognizes President Abinader for advances in National Police Reform.


New York.- President Luis Abinader was recognized this Saturday by the International Union of Officials and Civilians (UIOC) for his progress in the Reform of the National Police and the security of the Dominican nation in just three years of government.


After receiving the recognition, the President thanked the International Official and Civil Union, who, he said, had been present and, in collaboration with the Reform of the National Police of the Dominican Republic, sent several aid teams.


“I take this recognition as an impulse and a further commitment to continue changing the National Police so that it is truly efficient, respectful of human rights and above all that it cares for the life and property of all Dominicans and improves their quality of life”, said President Abinader.

He recalled that this reform began a year and a half ago and added that even though easy times would not come, it is already on track and work will continue until it continues to make a difference.

“Because that is one of the gifts that I want to leave to Dominican society: a reformed police force, a police force that can control crime and delinquency and, at the same time, can respect human rights,” said President Abinader.

He stressed that his government has significantly improved salary, logistics, and technology, and a managerial restructuring has yielded results.

“With the help of this international union that has been collaborating for several months now, we are going to continue improving several areas of the National Police where more investment is needed, as we are planning for next year,” he said.

The Head of State ended his speech by emphasizing that today he is more committed to improving the police and the country.

Improvement of citizen security

During the act, held in the Alumni Room of Columbia University, the President of the International Union of Officials and Civilians, retired Lieutenant Frederick Reyes, said that the government of President Abinader has improved national security after implementing new measures in the federal police.

“In the last three years, the leadership of President Luis Abinader, with his intelligence and great capacity, managed to maintain the health of the Dominican people, develop the tourism sector and, therefore, the economic stability of our country. Mr. President, we are so satisfied with his successful work that we do not want to say goodbye without expressing our full support for his government and his leadership in the present and, if you decide, in the next four years,” Reyes said.

Delivers recognitions to 26 outstanding Dominicans in the US

Subsequently, President Abinader recognized 26 prominent Dominicans in the United States for their work in favor of their compatriots and the country’s image.

In the event, organized by the Institute of Dominicans Abroad (INDEX), distinguished academics, politicians, artists, athletes, professionals from different fields, community leaders and entrepreneurs were distinguished.

The executive director of INDEX and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for Dominican Communities Abroad, Carlos de la Mota, stressed that President Abinader is in this city, recognizing and valuing the stories of Dominicans for the second time.

He informed that thanks to the Sociodemographic Registry carried out by the Institute, which counted 2,835,593 Dominicans abroad, of which 935,000 reside in the United States, today the government can design plans, programs, projects and all the necessary efforts to accompany them and contribute to your well-being.

Likewise, the person in charge of the INDEX New York office, John Sánchez, expressed that today Dominicans abroad have a government that comes to recognize the effort of Dominicans who get up every day to work, putting the Dominican Republic on high and contribute to the development and progress of the country.

He highlighted that INDEX had strategically allied with government institutions and private companies to improve Dominicans’ living conditions abroad with different technical courses, English classes, and legal and immigration advice. He added that the institution had been removed from anonymity and has become one of the leading community institutions in New York State.

Award Winners

Milly Quezada, Richard Ramón Peralta Hernández, Fernando Teodoro Taveras, Nurys De Óleo, Manny Pérez, Rafael Bello, Génesis Peduto, César Presbott, Carlos Hernández Medina and Luciano García-Trejo were recognized at the ceremony.

Likewise, Ramón Fernández, Nidia Iluminada Henríquez, Pedro Pérez, Dio Lluberes, Cira Ángeles, Eleazar Bueno, Iván Espaillat, María Luna, Pedro Mejía, Ángel Mescain, Ricardo Ureña, Rosibel Ventura Almonte, Hector O’Neil and Sandra Harris were recognized. A posthumous tribute was also made to officers Jason Rivera and Wilber Mora at the event.

Nurys De Óleo spoke on behalf of the honorees, who expressed her gratitude to President Abinader for recognizing their contribution to the country and urged them to continue upholding the Dominican identity.

The event included the artistic presentation of Milly Quezada’s “Más Dominicana” and Íconos Kids. In addition, the winning short film of the “Huellas de Mi Quisqueya” contest was presented.

Delivery of homes and other meetings

In the morning, President Abinader led the delivery of dozens of apartments to families of the Dominican community in the United States in an act where he announced that he would give instructions to the Ministry of the Presidency for the launch in the coming months of a program special of the National Happy Family Housing Plan, for the Dominican community abroad.

At Inwood Hill Park, the President also held a meeting and took pictures with the children of the oldest children’s baseball league in Manhattan.

Likewise, the Dominican ruler participated in a breakfast with the Sectionals and Consuls at the Intercontinental New York Barclay Hotel.

The President was accompanied in the activities by the first lady, Raquel Arbaje; the President of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella; the Dominican ambassador to the United States, Sonia Guzmán; the Dominican consul in New York, Eligio Jáquez; the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza; the medical director of the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Rafael Lantigua; the vice presidents of the International Union of Officials and Civilians, Walquiria Cruz and Randolph Hernández.



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