Ismael Reyes swears in Yomare Polanco as the new federal president of the PDI in the United States.


Santo Domingo, DR: The president of the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI), Ismael Reyes, swore in the former leader of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and several times in charge of the External Sector in the United States and Canada of the purple party, Dr. Yomare Polanco, as Federal President of that political organization in the United States.


When leading the swearing-in ceremony, Reyes highlighted the quality and strength of Dr. Polanco’s leadership in the United States, Canada, and other latitudes of the continent, which ensures a great and dignified representation of the PDI in the Dominican diaspora that needs the hope of men and women committed to a better country”.


Likewise, he expressed that “the entry of Dr. Polanco into the ranks of the PDI is a sufficiently representative sample to affirm that the PDI stands as one of the main political organizations that will be decisive in the 2024 electoral process.”

Polanco, chosen on multiple occasions as the most prominent Dominican political leader abroad in the last ten years, affirmed that “Working for the well-being of your people with the right people is an opportunity that God offers me to make a difference in a society that there is a suffocating lack of morals and respect.”

Similarly, he added that “we will take advantage of this opportunity to achieve the necessary political, social and economic transformations that will set the tone and progress for all Dominican families in the Dominican Republic and abroad.”

“That is why with great honor and humility we accept the challenge of motivating, sensitizing and organizing our fellow citizens abroad to achieve the broadest progressive opposition front in community, political and electoral aspects that human eyes have ever seen. Amen”. Polanco pointed out.

Dr. Yomare Polanco is a renowned businessman and one of the most prominent Dominican politicians abroad. His social and community work has given him great influence and an important space in the United States and Canadian electorate.



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