Jáquez predicts spectacular victory abroad for Abinader and the PRM in 2020 will be repeated in the 2024 elections.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada


NEW YORK._ Consul General Eligio Jáquez predicted that the spectacular victory of Abinader and the PRM in 2020 will be repeated in 2024 due to the work of the party leadership helping the Central Electoral Board (JCE) to increase the electoral roll so that more Dominicans can vote next year.
“I am sure that the day the vote is exercised in the third week of May next year, there will not be much surprise, and I believe that the spectacular victory achieved by Luis Abinader will be repeated at a time when the New York voter did not he knew as much as he knows now,” added Jáquez.
“I think that now, knowing him as they know him and Luis Abinader responding to the demands of the Dominican voter who resides abroad with his high demand for quality, I have no doubt that this vote, sooner than the other time, will go to deposit in favor of Luis Abinader. I have no doubt, ”he assured.
The consul, the national vice president of the PRM, defined Abinader as a better president than a candidate for having a great capacity for service and seriousness above normal.
Interviewed in the program “Tal y Como Es” produced and hosted by the communicators Miguel Estrella and Arelys Mejía through Vía Láctea Media (Youtube), Jáquez affirmed that Abinader had won the support of the people in such a way that he believes that many people who did not vote for him in 2020, are waiting for 2024 to do so because he has earned it.
He pointed out that Abinader has also shown that he has a great capacity for service and a seriousness above normal.
“He has a dedication and a careful consideration that no person who has received the trust of him to accompany him in the administration of the state, is neglected in the management of the resources of the Dominican people,” added the consul.
“And I think that this falls in this area because abroad they are much more demanding with that act, with that detail of demanding transparency, honesty, compliance, work and dedication to the rulers,” he said.
“So every democratic citizen would like to see his president, doing what Luis Abinader is doing,” he added.



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