JCE collapses and closes an office installed in the Dominican house of Pennsylvania in Hazleton.


By Esteban Cabrera

Hazleton, PA: The Central Electoral Board (JCE) decided to stop opening an office of the electoral body within the Dominican House of Pennsylvania facilities after having raised a wave of protest of citizens and three political parties duly recognized by that Institution in the Dominican Republic.

The official opening of the JCE works was scheduled for Saturday, February 11, according to a news release by reporter Tony Balbuena. It was sent to the newspaper El Faro Latino and published on the same day, which generated Chain reactions from both community and political activists of the PLD, PRD, and FP parties, who denounced the action as an evil combination because they showed that the president of the Dominican house of Hazleton, Víctor Pérez Balbuena, is an activist of the party of Government, PRM.


The newspaper El Faro Latino echoed the complaints and asked the plenary of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) to respect action that, combined with the strong opposition of political parties, caused the JCE to revoke that foolish decision, that it is not clear who took it and if it had the approval of the plenary or if it was a local compound of some officials to favor the PRM in the region or if it had the collaboration of the plenary of the agency.

This last JCE scandal in the state of Pennsylvania is complemented by the acts of corruption committed by the Oprees-oclees of that body in the state, where several officials are accused in the federal court of the East Circuit of Pennsylvania of having incurred In electoral fraud that affected Dr. Yomare Polanco’s candidacy as overseas deputy, of having burned and disappearing the null votes, adding more than 400 votes that did not exist in favor of the PRM and having embezzled US $ 140,543.00 of the electoral funds in Pennsylvania of a total embedded outside almost five million dollars missing.

The strong opposition of personalities, leaders, and political parties so that this official office of the JCE was not established in the facilities of the Dominican house of Pennsylvania of the city of Hazleton was because its president, Víctor Pérez Balbuena, is a leader of The official party, PRM, which did not guarantee the role of impartiality that the body or the high levels of discretion and confidentiality that the JCE must maintain in the understanding that handles sensitive data of the Dominican citizens recorded or not to vote is observed.


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