JCE recognizes matches of Julio César Valentín and Antonio Marte; rejects 106 applications

"Among the organizations that did obtain recognition are the People First Party (PPG) and the Social Justice Party (PJS)."


SANTO DOMINGO.- The Central Electoral Board (JCE) announced this Friday that it granted recognition to two political parties that met the requirements established in Law 33-18 of Political Parties, Groups, and Movements.

The People First Party (PPG), represented by Antonio Marte, and the Social Justice Party (PJS), chaired by Julio César Valentín, are the new ones recognized by resolution 32-2023.

“Recognition is granted for having complied with every one of the requirements established by law,” the JCE statement indicates.

For the first time in history, the JCE received many requests from organizations seeking to be recognized as political entities. However, after an exhaustive analysis, it was determined that 106 did not meet the established requirements.

Resolution 35-2023 establishes the rejection of the request for recognition of: Popular Progressive Republican Party (PSPP), Republican Patriotic Movement (MPR), Democratic Rescue Movement, National Commitment Party (PCN), Citizen Power Party (Todos Podemos), Movement on Chain, Christian Democratic Party (PDC). Likewise, resolution 34-2023 rejects the Camino Nuevo Party (PCN) request for recognition.

While through resolution 36-2023 the requests for recognition of the following organizations were rejected: Popular Tecnopoder Party (PTP), Independent Movement (MI), Dominican Patriotic Movement (MPD), Rainbow Political Movement (MOPA), Participatory Democratic Party Party (PDPD), National Rebirth Movement (MORENA), Citizen Advancement Party (PAC), Dominican Democratic Justice Party (PJDD), Dominican Nationalist Party (PND), Democratic Participation Party (PPD), Dominican Nationalist Party (PND), Party Dominican Community Movement (PCD), Dominican Movement Walking with the People (MDCP), Time of the Bases Movement (MOTIBA), Santo Domingo East Municipal Development Community Movement (MCDM), La Gran Familia Independent Movement Santo Domingo North (MIGRAFANSDN), Movement Free Citizen (MCL), Broad Sociopolitical Alliance Mission Party (MAS), National Restoration Party (PRN), New Society Party (PNS), Provincial Unity Social Movement (UP), Democratic Advancement Party (PAD), Destino 2000 Community Political Movement, Municipal Unity Project (PRUM), National Christian Alliance Party (ACN), Guardians of Change Movement (MGC), Nigua Crece Contigo Political Movement, National Solution Party (PSN), Vision Nation Party (PVN), Boschista Democratic Revolutionary Political Group ( APRDB), Voluntad de Todos Party (PVT), La Esperanza del Pueblo Movement (MLEP), Triunfo Unitario Movement (TU), Petromacorisano Christian Movement (MOCRISPEMA), Santo Domingo Oeste The Other Politics Municipal Movement, Voluntary Citizen Movement (MCV), Quisqueya Movement towards the Future, Solidarity Party (PS), Francomacorisano Green Revolutionary Movement (MVRF), National District Equality Movement (MIDIN), Community Alliance Movement (MAC), San Víctor for All Movement (MST), Reformist Renewal Party (PRR) ), Christian Social Democratic Coalition Party (PCCSD), Party for Dominican Well-being (PBD), Political Party of Dominicans with Democracy and Transparency (DDT), National Future and Hope Movement, New Generation Party (PNG), Family Movement of Dominican Women and the Sustainable San Francisco Movement (SFS).

Law No. 20-23, Organic of the Electoral Regime, establishes in its article 20, numeral 25, as one of the attributions of the Plenary of the JCE to decide on the recognition of new political organizations, following what is established by the law that regulates the matter and the statutes that regulate the internal development of parties, groups, and political movements.



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