Joe Biden sees progress in anti-corruption plans in the Dominican R.


WASHINGTON.- The President of the United States, Joe Biden, highlighted the progress in the anti-corruption plans developed by the Dominican Republic and Croatia, Angola’s efforts to build an independent judiciary.

Recognizing that not only the United States is fulfilling its commitment to the power of democracy, the President gave an example that “the Dominican Republic has modernized its anti-corruption law to create more than 100 anti-corruption offices at local levels.”

Speaking at the Democracy Summit, where he spoke with world leaders on various issues, he hailed a “turning point for our world toward greater freedom, greater dignity, and greater democracy.”


“I believe that this is the challenge that defines our era and, today, we can proudly say that the democracies of the world are getting stronger, not weaker,” Biden said, according to the Dominican digital NEWS SIN.

Biden added that the world’s autocracies are getting weaker, not stronger.


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