John Kelly’s Wife and Vehicle Buyer Released; MP says she won’t press charges “for the time being.”


Authorities released the teacher Jeisy Berenice Espinal, wife of Professor John Kelly Martínez. This is the main person involved in the death of the teenager Esmeralda Richiez.


The information was confirmed to elCaribe by the Public Ministry, an entity that also reported the release of Frank Eligio Paniagua Pillier. The latter was pointed out for being the person who bought the Honda Accord model car. In it, Martínez was transported with the now-deceased teenager, other minors, and her nephew Rubiel Morillo.


The Public Ministry indicated that “for the moment,” it will not request a measure of coercion against Jeisy Berenice Espinal. Nor against Frank Eligio Paniagua Pillier.

The arrest of the wife implicated in the Esmeralda case
Jeisy Berenice Espinal was arrested last night after being charged as an accessory to murder. She allegedly sold the Honda Accord model car to Frank Eligio Paniagua Pillier. The man was also placed under arrest.

The lawyer Modesto Castillo, representing Professor Jhon Kelly Martínez, insisted that the defendant’s partner was not involved in the case. This is because her car is not in her name but in her educator’s name.

In the case of the adolescent Esmeralda Richiez, whose investigation is under the charge of prosecutor Olga Diná Llaverías, only Professor John Kelly Martínez remains in prison. He was sentenced to a year in pretrial detention as a measure of coercion.

Meanwhile, his cousin Rubiel Morrillo, implicated for collaboration in the facts, received a measure of coercion consisting of systematic presentation.



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