Judge declares an inadmissible complaint against Gustavo Montalvo and three other former PLD officials regarding the fuel case.


Santo Domingo, DR. Judge Kenya Romero of the Permanent Attention Court of the National District declared inadmissible one of the five lawsuits that were filed against the former Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo; the former Minister of Finance, Donald Guerrero; the former Administrative Minister, José Ramón Peralta and the former administrator of the Reserve Bank, Simón Lizardo, three of them linked in the Calamar case.

The magistrate made the decision considering that the complaint filed by the National Federation of Christian Social Transport Workers (Fenattransc) and the National Confederation of Transport Organizations (Conatra) is unrelated to the request for a measure of coercion against the charge in the Calamar case.
However, the court admitted four complaints, including one filed by José René Gutiérrez Gatón and Rosa Esterlina Gatón, through their lawyers Francisco García Rosa, José Guillermo Jiménez Gutiérrez and José Augusto Sánchez Turbí, against several of the defendants in the Calamar case.

Dr. Manuel Rodríguez, Aldo Antonio Gerbasy’s lawyer, asked the judge to declare the complaints against the defendants inadmissible.


The complaint that was declared inadmissible was presented by Mario Díaz and Antonio Martes, presidents of FENATTRANSC and CONATRA, through the lawyers Carlos Manuel Mesa and Frederminio Ferreras Díaz, who point out in the instance that the former officials used the money that an Additional tax of two pesos per gallon on the consumption of gasoline and diesel, regular and Premium.

According to the complaint against former officials of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), they are accused of using the money from an additional tax of two pesos per gallon on the consumption of gasoline and diesel, regular and Premium, provided for in the Law No.112-00 to promote road development and renovation of public passenger and vehicular cargo park 4 of 46 in favor of the transportation sector.


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