Jurists criticize excessive preventive detention.


The excessive imposition of pretrial detention worries legal advocates, who suggest seeking other mechanisms to reduce this measure of coercion in the country and appealing to alternative ways to resolve conflicts so that all cases are not prosecuted.

They warn that preventive deprivation of liberty has become almost a rule, in contrast to the exceptional nature conferred by the Constitution and the Code of Criminal Procedure.

They understand that the problem is not solved with the reform of the Criminal Procedure Code but with a better application of the legal norm since they observe that it is in the operators of the justice system, from the Public Ministry to the judges.


The director of the Public Defense, Rodolfo Valentín; the former judge of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ), José Alberto Cruceta; and the former presiding judge of the Puerto Plata Court of Appeals, Pedro Balbuena, who presented their assessments of the problem at the LISTÍN DIARIO Breakfast, which led their Director Miguel Franjul.

Balbuena, a criminal lawyer and former appellate court judge, pointed out preventive detention in the Dominican Republic has become a rule.

He observed that in most cases in the judicial resolution that imposes the measure of coercion, the judge’s interest to order pretrial detention prevails.


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