Kelvin Cruz emplaza a Roberto Rosario a mostrar pruebas de supuestas compras de alcaldes


Santo Domingo.- The Secretary of Municipal Affairs of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and mayor of the municipality of La Vega, Kelvin Cruz, summoned the leader of the People’s Force, Roberto Rosario Márquez, to show evidence of alleged purchases by mayors.

Through his Twitter account, the PRM Undersecretary General also described as slanderous and irresponsible the denunciations made by the former PLD leader, who is now a member of the People’s Force, Rosario Márquez.

“As Secretary of Municipal Affairs of @PRM_Oficial, I call on Mr. Roberto Rosario to demonstrate, with the due evidence, his slanderous and irresponsible accusations of buying mayors, made on the Hoy Mismo program. We wait for you, Mr. Rosario!” he wrote Cruz on the aforementioned social network.


The vegan mayor has reiterated that the PRM has not and will not engage in improper or unethical acts to attract new followers.

However, he clarified that “the party is not going to close the doors to those people or political leaders of good appraisal who want to embrace the cause of the PRM when they see the extraordinary management that President Luis Abinader is carrying out,” who for his actions qualified as the municipal president.

He recalled that in recent days the Dominican Municipal League released the details of how the funds provided by Abinader were distributed, demonstrating with the facts that all mayors and district directors in the country have benefited.


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