VIDEO: Kevin Jenkins says Bobby Kennedy will shape and defend black communities in the US.


(The author is a Latin American Values 2024 Consultant)


New York: The renowned African-American influencer Kevin Jenkins said that forming united black communities, genuinely defending someone, is the truth that Bobby Kennedy, who has been doing that his entire life, will tell the United States. “That’s why I’m here. What are the values of the United States? What are the values of black and Hispanic Americans? Kevin Jenkins asked himself, in the middle of his speech as a guest at the event “CONNECTING THE DOTS FOR RFK JR, organized by American Values 2024 Super Pac, an economic support group that sponsors the independent candidacy of RFK JR, on Tuesday, November 14, held from 6-9 pm at the HIDDEN CITY LOFT, located at 136 EAST 24 Street. NY. 10010.


“CONNECTING THE DOTS FOR RFK JR, as the name implies, was a busy event with diverse leaders, including American Values 2024 co-founder Tony Lyons, CEO CANDACE MCDONALD and Managing Director Trevor Fitzgibbon. among others.

Kevin D. Jenkins was one of the prominent panelists invited by American Values 2024 Super Pac representing the African-American community. He is an American social media influencer and Urban Global Health Alliance CEO.

“Forming united black communities, really standing up for someone, I think that will tell America the truth. Bobby Kennedy has been doing that, so I’m here. What are the values of the United States? What are the values of black and Hispanic Americans? Kevin Jenkins asked.

“I think it’s about family, faith and freedom. I think it’s time for us to come together to tell the story of what America is and what it could be. And I think Bobby Kennedy’s candidacy truly represents the change we need in America, uniting us so we can stand up to the tyranny of our time, as Martin Luther King and so many great Americans did,” Jenkins said.

“So I’m here to have that conversation, and I think this conversation is important. We should have it all over the country. And we have to support Bobby because he has always been with us, and I am happy to be here and participate,” he said, adding: “Well, I think America is rising now all over the world. And I think after COVID and after three years of being cooped up and fighting the tyranny of our time, people are starting to ask questions. People say, what do we do to save this country? What do we do to preserve our Constitution? What do we do to fight censorship? What do we do to preserve our families? So the question is, what are we going to do? How are we going to get up? And I think Bobby Kennedy represents the best of this country because he is here to tell us the truth. And that’s what we need. We need a candidate and an elected official who will tell us the truth. While I’m on Instagram, of course, you know, KD Jenkins, 1963, I’m on Facebook, FD Jenkins 19. It’s all the same. You can find me anywhere. I probably am. He traveled more than 738,000 miles in this country. It’s not that hard to find me unless I get censored again,” concluded African-American influencer Kevin Jenkins.

Latin community

Representing the Hispanic community, the Latin director of American Values 2024 Super Pac, Alejandra Chaparro, the Latin Organizer, Lilliam Banner and the Latin consultant, Esteban Cabrera, attended. Also, the Latin leaders Juan Celeste, Dalmacio de la Cruz, Paola Celeste and Patrick Colón, Rosaurys Villamán, Dulce Rodríguez, Agustina Matos, Olgalidia Taveras, Loida Elmons and José Nolasco.

African American Community

Kevin D. Jenkins and Justin Faustin represented the African American community, who served as speakers and moderators at the “CONNECTING THE DOTS FOR RFK JR.” event.



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