Last minute! Esmeralda’s case takes an unfortunate turn, Inacif backs down, and an aunt reveals that she is pregnant


By Esteban Cabrera

New York: It looks like a sci-fi show; the death of a girl is taken lightly, and each one can buy her version of her to avoid the action of a justice that sells itself, like whores in the square, to the highest bidder, regardless of the moral bankruptcy of the Dominican society.

Only in a failed country, in moral bankruptcy, like the DR, is the institution called upon to carry out the expert reports on corpses, the results of which will be used by judicial experts and prosecutors to structure a solid file so that criminals like Professor John Kelly Martínez did not escape the pursuit of justice with cheap technicalities and baseless legal subterfuges.


The authorities must investigate the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif). This cannot be without consequences. Because this monstrosity of an institution established that the adolescent Esmeralda Richiez was subjected to violent sexual activity that caused her to bleed, which triggered hypovolemic shock and caused her death last Sunday.

However, on the afternoon of this Friday, February 17, an aunt of the dead young woman revealed to the media that the 16-year-old was pregnant. Clara Richiez explained that a janitor who worked at her brother’s house (the victim’s father) found an alleged pregnancy test with a positive result.

Based on the first report of (Inacif), the Prosecutor’s Office requested 12 months of preventive detention against Professor John Kelly Martínez, accused as the main suspect in the girl’s death, and periodic presentation against Rubiel Morrillo Martínez, cousin of the accused, for his complicity in the act.

Based on these tests, the Public Ministry issued a provisional judicial classification to the accused as a sexual rapist and association of criminals to commit a crime, provided for in articles 265, 266, and 331 of the Dominican Penal Code.

Now, it turns out that the victim’s aunt, Esmeralda Martínez Richiez, assures that the teacher and main defendant in the case, John Kelly Martínez, gave her niece five pills through a drink and put others in her vagina without her consent.

“He gave her five pills in a glass of beer and put others in her, she told a friend that he did that to her and that she didn’t want to drink anything and the Haitian woman who works at my brother’s house found the paper for a proof of pregnancy that had been done and had not told us anything,” said the aunt this Friday.

After this news was made public, the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) backed down and sent a very different diagnosis. The new version of that institutional monstrosity is: could the professor have penetrated Esmeralda, but not with violence?

“According to the genital and body evaluation carried out by the National Institute of Forensic Sciences on the penis of Professor Jhon Kelly Martínez, it indicates that it could have penetrated Esmeralda Richiez, the young student who died in Higüey but not to the degree of causing abundant bleeding and continuous that occurred in the intimate part of the minor and establishes that the size of the professor’s penis is less than the size that an injury of this nature could cause to cause bleeding that would cause the girl’s death.

Now, who do you believe? This editor has more questions than answers, and the silence of the Dominican press is outrageous. Who protects the teacher?

parental responsibility

According to the record, when the victim returned to her house around midnight, she arrived pale and bleeding, so her parents helped her, and she stayed in her room. Did the girl’s parents find the minor lifeless in the bathroom of her residence the next day? What is this? How did her mother and her father see her bleeding like that and not take her to the doctor?

Rather they went to bed to find her dead the next day in the bathroom. In addition, this minor was overexposed on the networks, exhibiting herself in inappropriate clothing and in different hotels that reflected inappropriate debauchery.

We hope that, in the next few hours, both parents will be accused, at least, of culpable negligence and of evading her responsibilities as custody of a minor who had no control or schedules to reach her home. Both must be investigated and prosecuted.

The other minors involved

The other girls who are involved in the investigation, one of whom, the victim, asked her for help and did not report the situation to anyone, are accomplices and must be involved in the file, of course, so that they can also be judged based on to what is stipulated in the penal code of the minor of RD.


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