Le Nouvelliste criticizes Canada for wanting to set up an office in the DR, not Haiti.


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – The Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste criticized the fact that, after two years of greater insecurity in Haiti, Canada, which has established itself as the main actor supporting the Haitian National Police (PNH), has still not received any help actual on the ground.

In its editorial, the newspaper highlighted that while that nation is preparing to open an office in the Dominican Republic to coordinate aid to the Haitian Police, the French ambassador to Haiti, Fabrice Mauriès, announces the arrival of the Police in Port-au-Prince French, which he described as closer help to the ground.

“Arrival in Haiti, on June 13, of the first RAID team whose objective will be to train the Swat police (GIPNH) for a month. Then they will be able to train their colleagues. The cooperation between Haiti and France in favor of the Haitian National Police continues as close as possible to the ground,” replied the message posted on Twitter by the French ambassador.


Le Nouvelliste also echoed the statements of economist Peterson Benjamin Noël, who argued that “while Canada offers an additional $500 million to Ukraine, it gives Haiti $20 million, much of which will be spent on paying Canadian consultants, rents in the Republic Dominican, etc.

Although the newspaper acknowledged that Canada is doing everything possible to help Haiti, it is not enough because, in its opinion, “all Canadian initiatives melt like snow in the sun without leaving good results.”

“The planes that flew over the capital, the ships in the p


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