Leonel responds to Margarita: “The only one with the power to request that meeting is Abinader.”


The former President of the Republic and leader of the La Fuerza del Pueblo party, Leonel Fernández, referred this Wednesday to the suggestion made by his ex-wife and leader of the Dominican Liberation Party, Margarita Cedeño, who asked that both President Luis Abinader and the former presidents Danilo Medina, Hipólito Mejía and Leonel Fernández himself, have a meeting to propose ideas regarding the current political situation in the country.


Faced with such a suggestion, Fernández said that the only one with the power to make that suggestion is President Abinader, and he has not done so.


“I think that the power to request this call is the President of the Republic. He is the one who could call the national political leadership to discuss the issues that he considers discussing. He would establish the agenda, and he would make the call,” said Fernández.

On the possibility of attending the dialogue, if President Abinader makes the call, Fernández did not give a definitive answer to the journalists who approached him and limited himself to saying that he has not yet been invited.

Margarita Cedeño expressed last Tuesday that there is a need for the main political leaders to address in a meeting the political and judicial context that the Dominican Republic is experiencing.

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Cedeño considered that “if this situation continues,” the party system would be affected, and called on President Luis Abinader and former Presidents Hipólito Mejía, Danilo Medina, and Leonel Fernández “to meet by themselves in a room so that they talk about what is happening.”

The former official also believes that the prosecution of the former presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Gonzalo Castillo, responds to “political persecution.”

Leonel favors the Public Ministry.
The leader of the Fuerza del Pueblo also referred to the current judicial process called Operation Squid, and today favored the actions of the Public Ministry and indicated that they must bring to trial anyone who breaks the law, regardless of the party that represents

“If there are elements that can impute one or another person with a criminal act, obviously the Public Ministry has to act, that is its obligation as the Public Ministry, to investigate and investigate,” added the former President.



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