Luis Abinader says he will guarantee citizen security in the face of a Canadian alert.


President Luis Abinader referred this Wednesday to the warning that Canada issued to its citizens due to the insecurity in the Dominican Republic.


He said countries can issue this type of alert because they are “independent.” However, he stressed that he would guarantee the security of the Dominican people.


The Canadian government warned its citizens to “have a high level of caution” in Dominican territory due to crime and the situation on the border with Haiti.

“They can make all the alerts, and they are independent countries. Now, I am going to guarantee the security of the Dominican people”, highlighted by the head of state.

Upon leaving the meeting that he led with business people from Santo Domingo Este at the Barceló Hotel, the president said that the crisis in Haiti does not only affect the Dominican Republic.

“They (Canada) should also know that it affects the entire region and I reiterate that this problem must be addressed urgently by the community,” he argued.

He energetically said, “They cannot ask the Dominican Republic for anything more because we have done too much for Haiti.”

a country at war

These statements come after more than a dozen alleged gang members were stoned and burned alive yesterday, Monday, by residents of a Haitian neighborhood, in addition to the alert issued by the United Nations Organization (UN) due to insecurity similar to that of “a country at war.”

The UN declared that insecurity in the Haitian capital had reached levels “comparable to those of a country at war” in a report that underlines the significant increase in homicides and kidnappings.



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