Lvaro Noboa pays more taxes than “Juanpi.” The Wong family, Eljuri, Lasso, Michel Deller, and his sister Isabel collectively

Guayaquil 17 de agosto del 2016 Alvaro Noboa explicará sobre su participación en los comicios del 2017 con su Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante.fd...............José Beltrán

Quito, Ecuador: Compared to numerous prior years, some of Ecuador’s wealthiest men paid less income tax (IR) in 2022. But other facts are much more unexpected: For instance, Isabel Noboa Pontón pays ten times less than Angelo Caputi Oyague, who oversees Bank Guayaquil but does not own it.
She is Nobis Holding’s largest shareholder. It creates 5,000 jobs, has 60 active projects, five business segments (agribusiness, real estate, exports, shopping complexes, and mass consumption), and barely $31,357 in income tax was paid in the previous fiscal year (IR). Executive President of the Guayaquil bank, Ngelo Caputi, received $210,562.

Additionally, the businesswoman is paid less than Vanoni’s shrimpers and Wong’s bananas. She pays less than her brother Lvaro and those less wealthy than Mall del Sol’s owner Pronobis, who owns the Valdez mill.

Characters like Euclides, Franklin, Darwin, and Marianela Ubilla are among the top 5 exporters of bananas, yet their IR seems insignificant compared to the amount of business they handle. Palacios and his sons are the company’s owners (banana exporter, producer of plastic bags, and spray fumigation). Ubilla owns Agzulasa.


According to SRI data, the amount of IR paid to the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso Mendoza, decreased from more than $900,000 in 2021 to just $4,992 in 2022.


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