Massacre in Guayaquil: a woman recorded the moment of the attack in the Gómez Rendón


Due to the attack with rifles in southwest Guayaquil, eight people died, and five were wounded.


A woman recorded the exact moment when several individuals armed with rifles perpetrated a massacre in Guayaquil by shooting indiscriminately against a group of people at 14 and Gómez Rendón, southwest of the city, where at least 8 died, and five were injured.


In the video that has gone viral on social networks, the woman records herself singing while several men are seen behind her back, drinking liquor and talking to each other. They were all part of a group that had gathered on Saturday night near a mechanical workshop to watch the game that Barcelona was playing in Ambato against Técnico Universitario on television.

Suddenly the sound of the music is drowned out by the sound of the shots. “We thought it was fireworks,” a resident said in a live broadcast after the attack, “but from the screams of the people, we realized that something terrible was happening.”

In the middle of the shots, the recording is no longer clear because you can see that the woman runs away; however, she recounts that she was hit by the rifle bullets used by the hitmen.

At the end of the recording, the woman appears seated, leaning against the door of a closed business, and says: “naña help me, I’m dying; they shot me.” She looks at her arm disfigured by shrapnel.

It is currently unknown if the woman survived. Other videos show the bodies of several men left dead on the sidewalk and even under vehicles.

It is not known what the motive for the armed attack would be. Among the dead, some people only passed by on the street, according to the first testimonies of the residents.

These multiple assassinations occurred when Guayaquil was in a state of emergency to counteract violence. It happened only two days after the Government declared terrorism, perpetrated by criminal gangs, as a threat against the structure of the State.

However, the residents of 14th and Gómez Rendón, where the multiple assassinations occurred, say that in that sector, they have not seen the presence of the public force strengthened, as is seen in other sectors Guayaquil.

Meanwhile, the Police announced that its investigative and intelligence units are carrying out operational actions “in order to identify those responsible.”



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