Members of the PN rescue a baby girl kidnapped by Haitians in Mao healthy in Santiago Rodríguez


SANTO DOMINGO.- The eight-month-old baby kidnapped this Sunday afternoon in the Yerba Buena de Mao community, Valverde province, was recovered healthy hours later by the authorities in the Monción municipality, Santiago Rodríguez province.


The creature, whose name is omitted by the minor’s law, was quickly abducted by several men supposedly of Haitian nationality, who in their action were captured on a surveillance camera video of a business near the house where the victim was found. Small.


“The baby was rescued after arduous tracking and intelligence work, personally deployed by the Northwest regional director of the National Police, Colonel Isaías Marte Sánchez, with a team of preventive and criminal investigation members, in coordinated work with the Public Ministry.

At this time, the regional director and his team are traveling with the infant to the city of Mao, from the municipality of Monción, Santiago Rodríguez province, where she was found,” the police said in a statement.

According to the information, the girl’s mother had another twin brother in her arms. A woman, now detained as the main suspect in the robbery, had the kidnapped minor loaded when the men arrived, and she gave it to him. She would have delivered. The criminals fled in a white Kia K5 brand car.

“A lady had it loaded, so that lady when the Haitians arrived she handed her the girl, since they had her as a suspect she said she was from one town, then she was from another, they have her cell phone and she doesn’t want to unlock it , the prosecutor tells him that they are going to unblock him anyway,” reported a relative of the girl.

Due to the fact there are several people detained for investigation purposes.



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