Minister of Education congratulates the Police for arresting the murderers of a teacher in San Cristóbal.


Santo Domingo.– The Minister of Education, Ángel Hernández, congratulated the National Police this Saturday for having arrested those involved in the death of the teacher Yesenia Koraima Rodríguez Suárez, 30 years old, in the province of San Cristóbal.

Likewise, Hernández said he hopes that justice will do its job and apply the full weight of the law to the individuals who, in the middle of an assault registered on June 6 in the Lavapiés sector, killed the educator.
“I congratulate the PN for having arrested the murderers of Professor Yesenia Rodríguez in San Cristóbal. We hope that justice will do its job and apply to each of them the greatest punishment they deserve. Society and his family expect justice, ”the MINERD minister wrote through his Twitter account.

The detainees are José Manuel Javier Martínez, 23, and Joel Bens, 24, both residents of the Madre Vieja sector, against whom there was an arrest warrant 01541-2023-AJOR-01184, requested by the magistrate Attorney General of San Cristobal.


In the criminal action perpetrated at night, the young Engels Enmanuel Catano Medrano, 22, sentimental partner of the deceased today, also suffered head and facial trauma.

The couple was walking with another young woman, whose identity is withheld, when they were surprised by the assailants traveling aboard a motorcycle.


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