Minister of Education: “The corrections of the texts will be made as soon as possible.”


Through a statement, the Minister of Education, Ángel Hernández, responded to the complaints made by some publishing houses, to which he attributes economic reasons “because they have stopped obtaining billions of pesos from the sale of their books for the public educational system.” However, he admits there are errors in two texts prepared by academies and institutions within the “Open Book” project.

According to the minister, publishers try to discredit “Open Book” to obtain marginal benefits and try to guarantee that part of the budget of the Ministry of Education is directed towards their coffers.

“Some of the publishers in the Dominican Republic have revealed certain errors in two primary school texts that we recognize exist and that will be adequately corrected with what is usual in the publishing world, an Errata indicating where there is a typographical error or grammar in the text,” said Hernández.


In the statement issued, the Minister of Education points out that the texts used by the Association of Publishing Industries of the Dominican Republic (Adierd) (as did Asedilird) to try to discredit the books produced by universities and academies were copies whose origin was unknown.

“The corrections of the texts will be made as soon as possible, and we guarantee to society that in Minerd, the desire to make the use of textbooks a positive experience for teachers and students prevails,” he stressed.


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