“Mommy, it’s going to kill me, mommy, it’s going to kill me,” Tamara Martínez cried for help from her mother.


The mother of the communicator said that she formally submitted the complaint against the lawyer Emilio López.

“Mommy, he’s going to kill me, mommy, he’s going to kill me.” This is the cry for help from the communicator Tamara Martínez to her mother after allegedly being attacked by her husband, the lawyer Emilio López.

“She is alive because the day he was choking her (lying on the bed), in her despair for not being able to breathe, she moved her feet and Emilio was kicked in her private part, so he deprives himself and she can remove,” explained Cesariana Piña.


The lady denounced that López allegedly watches her daughter even in the bathroom, for which she fears that she could take her life.

During an interview on the radio program El Sol de la Mañana, she reported that last Wednesday, her daughter filed a formal assault complaint with the authorities.
“Don’t let them kill my daughter, she’s the only thing I have,” Piña exclaimed.

Likewise, she called on President Luis Abinader not to allow her daughter to be killed.

“I ask President Luis Abinader to help me save my daughter’s life, please, don’t let them kill my daughter, which is the only thing I have, please,” she begged.

Likewise, she revealed that the comedian Cheddy García promised to take Tamara from her house and protect her from her.

Peña acknowledged that Tamara has alcoholism problems and has been admitted to “renown” twice for these reasons.

“She has been admitted to Renown twice to detoxify her (…) She lasted 15 days without drinking and Emilio brought her six canned beers and she went crazy when she drank those beers,” Piña said.


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