Neuroeducador celebrates its first anniversary by sharing its knowledge through the radio.


By Josian Omed Vázquez Díaz

(Arecibo, P.R) Last Tuesday, November 16, Haydeliz Ramírez Natal, a locally and internationally certified neuroeducation, enthusiastically celebrated her first year collaborating with the NotiUno 630 AM radio station and its entire network with its segment “Educación al Día.” The said segment is carried out biweekly in the program “NotiUno en la Noche,” with Francisco Pabón Febus, at 8:30 p.m. The program is oriented to address educational issues from a Neuroeducational approach.

Ramírez Natal also has a Certification in Learning Sciences endorsed by the University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Campus. She has more than 18 years of education experience inside and outside Puerto Rico. Among her work experiences, she served as child and youth development director for the YMCA agencies in Augusta, Georgia, and BeauCare Inc., in Louisiana. She also worked as a vendor for the Children and Youth Services Offices at Fort Polk Army Base in Leesville, Louisiana.


She is currently the Executive Director of the educational center for children from Pre Kindergarten to 12th grade, “At Home Afterschool Corp.” in Arecibo. Said center focuses on a curriculum based on the Learning Sciences and Neuroeducation findings, achieving effective and permanent learning in children and eliminating the known cognitive gaps. She previously broadcast the program “Mi casa Educativa” on the Borinquen 1160 AM station in Manatí, today part of the Borinquen Radio network, formerly known as WAPA Radio.

“I feel extremely happy to celebrate one year of this great opportunity that Professor Francisco Pabón Ojeda and the very bright NotiUno 630 radio station gave me. It is an honor to collaborate with Professor Pabón, an excellent professional and communicator. Passionate about the field of communications, such as education. The opportunity to unite my two great passions for the benefit of the education of children and young people fills me with pride and satisfaction. I believe that education urgently needs to be transformed. My mission is to collaborate with parents, fellow directors, and educators by providing them with tools and information based on studies carried out in the Learning Sciences,” said the Neuroeducator.


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