We want a president who will fight for us, and RFK, Jr. Is that fighter?


New York, NY: More than a dozen Latina business and political leaders from New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding area officially endorsed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President of the United States. The endorsements result from a dinner last week at Frida’s restaurant in Midtown, Manhattan, organized by American Values 2024, the Super PAC supporting Kennedy’s presidential campaign.

“It was a powerful event led by Latina entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians, psychologists, doctors, and community leaders,” says Alejandra Chaparro, CEO and founder of 17Entertainment, a business owner and one of the event hosts. “They fostered a deep dialogue surrounding the Latino community’s concerns, challenges, and aspirations. At the same time, these women want a president to fight for us, and RFK, Jr. is that fighter.”

A video of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., was presented with a message: “As do all of you, I believe immigration made this country. My family was a family of immigrants, and our country has benefited enormously from the vitality of the Hispanic diaspora.”


Of key concern to the Latino community and expressed at the event is the need for smoother and more transparent immigration policies. Kennedy has repeatedly said he will work on these if elected president.

During a conversation hosted by Tony Lyons, co-Chair and co-founder of American Values 2024, and John Gilmore, American Values 2024’s Outreach Director, Latinas expressed their concerns about child health care and mental health.

“We require a president who is not firmly aligned with either the right or left extremes but possesses the ability to address contentious matters and arrive at non-political choices that serve the interests of both American citizens and the global community,” said Lilliam Banner, a community leader from New Jersey. “This is why I am endorsing RFK, Jr. for president of the USA – the United States of America, the land I love, is going through challenging times in the country’s history.”

Kennedy expressed his concern about this country’s diminished condition of the middle class. “Latinos often have the most precarious conditions and suffer great wealth disparities.”

“Bobby Kennedy has a heart, but you can also sense in his voice that he is tough and temperate, qualities that this nation needs to safeguard marginalized and precarious people,” said Mariela Rea.

“Just like his uncle and father, Bobby Kennedy cares for the poor and about empowering Latinas in this country. I proudly endorse Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President,” Alma Santana.

Andrea Theran, a mother and entrepreneur, talked about her commitment to supporting her community and providing financial education. “It gives me great pleasure to support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for president. He fully understands the vital contribution all Latinas make to our economy and society as a Latina business owner.”

About American Values 2024

American Values 2024 is a Super PAC dedicated to electing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to President of the United States. The SuperPAC was co-founded by Mark Gorton, CEO of Tower Research Capital, and Tony Lyons, President of Skyhorse Publishing. Executive Director is John Gilmore.

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