NY Consulate helps firefighters of Dominican origin affected by a raging fire in Upper Manhattan.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada

NEW YORK._ The consulate general helped with a financial donation to the firefighter of Dominican origin, Joel Bernat, who was displaced and affected by a raging fire in the 156-20 West Riverside Drive building in Upper Manhattan on Sunday of the week past, where her two pets, a dog and a cat, were seriously ill due to smoke inhalation.
The firefighter visited Consul General Eligio Jáquez with family members to explain the situation, according to a note from the consulate’s press and communications office, directed by journalist Rafael Santos.
He recounted that his apartment was consumed by the fire that started around 5 in the afternoon on Sunday, June 18, American Father’s Day. He repeated that at the time of the incident, he was visiting one of the city’s museums in the company of his sons and girlfriend when he received a phone call from one of his fellow firefighters fighting the fire.
He said that thank God, none of the family members was physically affected by the accident. However, it did leave his little dog Zoey and the kitten Melody in very bad condition, who was admitted to the animal hospital AMC Hospital Animals, where they are recovering.
Bernat assured that the fire consumed all the trousseau of what was his home; however, the speed with which the firefighters sent to the scene acted.
The firefighter was accompanied by his mother, Flora Elvira Burdier, his girlfriend, Rosy Ortega, and his aunt, Luz Capín.
The consul and Bernat talked about the fire for 25 minutes, offering Jáquez details about the situation affecting him, his family, and his pets.
After the dialogue, the consul gave him a check to help the firefighter recover part of what was lost.



NEW YORK._ Consul Eligio Jáquez delivers an aid check to firefighter Joel Bernat displaced by a raging fire in Upper Manhattan, along with Flora Elvira Burdier, his girlfriend Rosy Ortega, and his aunt, Luz Capín. (External source).


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