NY State Senate delivers proclamation to Consul Jáquez during National Independence celebration in Albany.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada


For the first time in history, a Dominican consul received a resolution from the New York State Senate in person and the solemnity of the Senate plenary. The Honorable Consul General Eligio Jáquez, representing the Dominican government, was received with all the honors of State in the Senate chamber, where Resolution J382 was presented to him.
New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda, the only Dominican in the New York State Senate, sponsored the event. A delegation of elected officials and community organizations was also present. Along with the Consul, the second runner-up for Miss Universe 2022 and Miss Universe Dominican, Andreina Martínez, was also on hand to receive a Proclamation from the Senate.
The Proclamation for Ms. Martinez highlights her academic and professional accomplishments, including her psychology and Latin American studies at the City College of New York, where she graduated with honors.
The historic event marks the first time a Dominican consul has been received in the solemnity of the historic chamber of the Senate. The Consul had previously visited the Senate on an official visit last year, but this time the meeting was held to honor the independence of the Dominican Republic.
The director of communications, Rusking Pimentel, commented on the importance of the relationship between the State of New York and the Dominican Republic, citing the long history of collaboration and commitment between both states and emphasizing the high value that the Dominican community places on the New York State, and the importance of the diaspora in all aspects of the social, political and economic life of the country.
In addition to the Consul and Mrs. Martínez, the Senator also presented resolutions to Educa and Soy Niña Soy Importante, which promote the well-being and education of children in the Dominican Republic.
The event is a testament to the strong relationship between New York State and the Dominican Republic and the significant contributions the Dominican community has made to New York State.



NEW YORK._ Consul Eligio Jáquez was recognized with a proclamation from the NY State Senate delivered by Senator Luis Sepúlveda, of Puerto Rican origin and naturalized Dominican yesterday, March 8, 2023, at the Albany capitol. (External source).


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