Once more, the Northeast is drenched in rain, and flash flooding in Pennsylvania claims at least five lives.


Once more, the Northeast is drenched in rain, and flash flooding in Pennsylvania claims at least five lives.

Newly, heavy rains flood the northwest as Pennsylvania’s repenting floods claim at least five lives.

Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, United States Strong rains struck the saturated Northeast on Sunday for the second time in a week, causing yet another round of repenting floods, flight cancellations, and energy shortages. A repenting flood in Pennsylvania on Saturday afternoon claimed at least five lives.


Authorities in Upper Makefield in the Pennsylvanian county of Bucks reported that several cars were being stranded by torrential rain that began at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday in the Washington Crossing area. According to the authorities, at least five people died, and two children—a 9-month-old and his 2-year-old sister—remain missing.

Strong rainstorms occurred in other east coast parts, including Vermont. Authorities warned that because the state is dealing with additional rain after days of flooding, the landslides could become an issue on Sunday.

“Today, there are warnings of major flooding throughout the state. Keep aware and be prepared, advised Vermont Governor Phil Scott.

According to FlightAware’s radar tracking service, the fierce storms on Sunday resulted in hundreds of flight cancellations at the New York area airports. More than 350 flights were canceled in one go at the International Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey, while more than 280 flights were canceled at the International Kennedy Airport in New York. Numerous flights were delayed.

Relenting flooding warnings and tornado alerts were issued by the National Weather Service for parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. A tornado warning was issued for a region along the border between Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Additionally, hundreds of pages were reported.

The New York governor, Kathy Hochul, ordered everyone to stay inside on Sunday until the storms passed.

“The rain is coming here. This year seems implacable, he said. It is necessary to avoid unnecessary travel. Your car could turn from a safe location to a place of death due to a repentant flood you are unaware of.


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