Opposition legislators denounce PRM disrespected solemnity of the National Congress


SANTO DOMINGO.- Opposition legislators accused the government of disrespecting the National Assembly’s solemnity with a re-election act.
The spokesman for the Bloc of Deputies of the Dominican Liberation Party, Juan Julio Campos, said that such an embarrassing act had never been witnessed where people were brought to promote the re-election of President Luis Abinader.
While the deputy of the People’s Force, Rafael Castillo, described it as unfortunate that the National Assembly room has been used to campaign for re-election.
The opponents, in addition to discrediting the figures and comparisons of President Luis Abinader concerning the high cost of food, understand that the solemnity of the National Assembly was disrespected.
However, the pro-government deputy Ramón Ceballos maintained that the president’s speech fills Dominicans with pride.
Among the things that Ceballos highlighted is that President Abinader made it clear that the Dominican Republic will not be a refuge for Haitian nationals.
According to experts, the president’s accountability speech was aimed at touching the moving part of the Dominican people.


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