Organizations support the actions of the Public Ministry against corruption in the DR.


Dominican Republic.- Guarded by members of the National Police and dressed in blue clothing that identifies the Public Ministry, a group of social organizations and citizens held a rally this Sunday in the Parque Independencia asking for jail for the corrupt.


Under the slogan “Not one step back” and commemorating the time of Christian reflection, the demonstrators supported the actions of the Public Ministry in the face of notorious cases of administrative corruption.


They explain that due to work carried out by the Public Ministry, “the allies of corruption and impunity raise a campaign that tries to politicize the large cases of embezzlement submitted to the courts of the Republic.”

The concentration occurs when the hearing in the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice is known to decide the coercive measures against the 20 accused in the case, which the Public Ministry attributes to defrauding the State of more than 19 billion pesos.

During the activity, the National Human Rights Commission president, María Mercedes, said this concentration was just a warm-up.

María Mercedes disqualified the Dominican Liberation Party’s (PLD) statements about the political persecution its members are subjected to.

“As a general outcry from a population that longed for a historically honest person, firmly trustworthy and above all ethically attached to an exercise of law that respects the norm at the head of the Attorney General’s Office.”

In the citizen activity, recognition was made of the work of magistrates Yeni Berenice Reinoso as head of the Prosecution of Corruption and Wilson Camacho, as head of PEPCA, in addition to the “formidable team that leads dozens of investigative prosecutors and forensic technicians who It has allowed the justice of large cases of administrative corruption such as the Octopus, Coral, and Medusa operations.

The protesters highlight the work of operation 13 regarding a fraud in the National Lottery, Operation Falcón, which is a large case of money laundering in which several legislators participate; the Caracol operation, in which former members of the Chamber of Accounts are being investigated, as well as other relevant cases of trafficking in persons and migrants.



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