Peralta’s lawyers say his client can defend himself in freedom, and they go back to the Baninter case.


SANTO DOMINGO.- The lawyer Santiago Rodríguez Tejada, part of the defense of former administrative minister José Ramón Peralta, said this Sunday that his client could continue the process against him in freedom. The litigant returned to the Baninter case to justify his request, where the defendants remained free.

Rodríguez Tejada said that he is disappointed that, in this case, the Public Ministry is requesting preventive detention for his client and cited several jurisprudence.

While the lawyer Emery Colomby Rodríguez, who also represents José Ramón Peralta, referred to the leaks to the documents found in the raids on the former administrative minister of the Presidency.


Rodríguez specified that even the Attorney General of the Republic, Miriam Germán Brito, complained about the Public Ministry’s leaks of the files she carries out.


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