PLD asks the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the “purchase” of mayors


SANTO DOMINGO.- The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) requested this Thursday that the Attorney General of the Republic investigate the alleged use of public funds by officials to “buy” mayors, district directors, and other municipal officials from parties of the opposition.

The PLD denounced the president of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, for this practice; the general secretary of the Municipal League, Víctor D’Aza; the general director of Budget, José Rijo; and the Educational Director of Cabrera, Samuel Martínez Veras.

Likewise, former Comptroller General Catalino Correa, who recently assumed the leadership of the Social Subsidies Administrator, and the mayors and directors of municipal districts Marlon Arias, Douglas Pichardo, Cristian Concepción, Hanói Sánchez, María Mercedes Ortiz, and Eduardo Esteban Polanco.


The opposition party accuses the officials of the possible commission of crimes and crimes of a coalition of officials, prevarication, bribery, and violating the Public Function Law and the one established by the Municipal Participatory Budget System.

The political formation filed the complaint after broadcasting a report from the investigative program of the communicator Nuria Piera related to the turncoat and political clientelism.


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