Polanco announces withdrawal of activities to dedicate himself to a lawsuit against JCE and DR for the rights and dignity of the diaspora.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada


NEW YORK._ Dr. Yomare Polanco announced his withdrawal from activities of all kinds to dedicate himself day and night to the lawsuit filed against the Central Electoral Board (JCE) and the State of the Dominican Republic for the electoral chaos and the embezzlement of millions in the Dominican elections abroad in 2020.


Polanco, who is the most successful Dominican, decorated and valued by the community abroad in recent decades, explained that from now on, he will retire from all community events to dedicate himself to the fight he has been carrying out for the democracy of all Dominicans since July 5, 2020, the day the elections were held.

According to an investigation by the newspaper El Faro Latino, he maintained that the JCE defrauded all Dominican voters in the United States and the DR public treasury with more than 5 million dollars.

Polanco said that he understands that the best gift that he can give to the community abroad, in addition to all the contributions for which he has been recognized on countless occasions, is to dignify the diaspora and guarantee that the electoral, political process and the officials Dominicans respect once and for all the Dominican community abroad called diaspora.

“I am a man who feels very happy every time I receive prizes, plaques of recognition, when my work is valued, and I am awarded in different categories such as politician, community leader, businessman, professional, artist and my performance in other areas, but I prefer that they do not give me more awards or recognitions,” he added.

He asked all the organizations that have recognized him in all spheres to understand that no fight in this community is worthwhile if we do not get the diaspora to respect the most basic principles, which is to elect and be elected democratically, where the majority must win and not the imposition of a corrupt group insensitive to the needs of the Dominican community.

“After more than 20 years of community work, having rubbed shoulders with all the unions, non-profit organizations, all businessmen and merchants from all sectors of the United States, with cultural, sports, professional, religious organizations, with students , with young people, with the elderly, with the police, with firefighters, with volunteers, with elected officials, and all life abroad and in the Dominican Republic”, understanding that our priority must be to fight against corruption and impunity, added Polanco.

“I see myself in the obligation to be clear about the priorities that we must face and solve, first in our community abroad, the diaspora and our country, before continuing to promote any other agenda and that priority is called no to corruption and no to impunity,” he said.

He stressed that if corruption and impunity, be it financial, political, or electoral, do not face the consequences against the corrupt, the country and its people will never be able to develop or progress.

“The mafia of the groupism and the services that are provided to commit crimes will always have the opportunity in a corrupt world with impunity to do what they want to the detriment of the community and everyone and continue as if nothing had happened,” he said.

“Our priority as of today is to restore dignity and vindicate the diaspora so that those guilty of the criminal acts of the 2020 US elections are punished so that this disastrous chapter does not repeat itself,” he added.

“Once and for all, we Dominicans must set an example that what is done wrong, even if it gives money, is not right and also leads to jail and punishment,” says Polanco.

“What good is it for us to support patriotic, social, community or political events when the number 1 priority that democracy of equality in civil and constitutional rights gives us is not respected?” Polanco questioned.

“And people who don’t respect those rights continue to live like lawless goats without any consequences,” he emphasized.
“No, not like that, we are going with everything so that once and for all our community abroad is respected and democracy can rejoice in its basic principles that the majority is the one that has the right to its representatives,” Polanco explained.

He thanked his fans for their support and patience while waiting for the 2020 impasse to be resolved.
“Thank you all and I assure you that we will return triumphant and stronger,” Polanco said.

“This fight is for democracy where the corrupt are eliminated, and impunity does not exist. I thank you all for your great support, and I will soon retire because justice will be done very soon against all the crimes of July 5, 2020. Blessings,” Polanco said.

The case is heard in the Federal Court of the Eastern District in Pennsylvania. In addition to the civil party in favor of Polanco, the lawsuit also requests Judge Eduardo Robreno in charge of the process that considers the suspension of the 2024 foreign elections until it is ensured that what happened in 2020 will not be repeated next year.
That court has already summoned the JCE, the consulate in New York, and the Dominican Government through the Foreign Ministry, entities that received the corresponding summons.
The process is expected to advance, and the court will decide at the end of 2023 because the Dominican congressional elections abroad are dated May 15, 2024.
The Dominican lawyer specializing in civil and constitutional rights, Albert Robles, representing Dr. Polanco in court, revealed that Judge Robreno, of Cuban origin, could order that premises in the United States or the United States Postal Service (USPS) not be used in the elections Dominicans abroad of 2024.
Polanco has clarified that his intention is not to sacrifice the elections but because even with all the evidence delivered to the corresponding judicial bodies in the Dominican Republic and the competent courts, there has yet to be a response in addition to the new JCE. He was forced to submit the case he had warned about in the United States federal court.



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