“Polanco asserts that PRM in NY is losing steam after the swearing-in of over 30 former leaders and members of the PRM into the PRD.


NEW YORK. Dr. Yomare Polanco, a candidate for overseas deputy of the PRD, claimed that the PRM is beginning to lose ground in New York and across the country. This comes after the swearing-in of over 30 former leaders and ruling party members. They were sworn in by Doña Peggy Cabral, widow of Peña, on Sunday in a massive event held at the headquarters of the white party.

“This exodus, which begins with the swearing-in of these valuable comrades—some of them Perredeistas for decades who later joined the PRM only to be deceived and trampled upon—is a sign that both the official party and President Luis Abinader’s reelection are starting to lose momentum in New York,” added Polanco.

He mentioned much joy in the PRD section in New York due to the arrival of these thirty former PRM members who decided to return home to continue the legacy of the historical leader, José Francisco Peña Gómez. Polanco also highlighted that the PRM’s leadership tarnishes Peña Gómez’s memory.

Among those sworn in were the prominent businessman and one of the former pillars of PRM NY, Rafael Mota Paulino, and the renowned youth leader, Ruddy Durán, who took their teams to the PRD.

During the event held on Sunday, the 17th, in the morning at the PRD headquarters located at 501 West 145th Street in Upper Manhattan, led by Peggy, the Secretary-General of the PRD NY section, Miguelina Faña, and the three candidates for overseas deputies, Polanco, Nancy Jiménez, Cándido Cruz, and several other leaders, the sworn-in members pledged to fight day and night to achieve victory for the white party in the 2024 elections.

In addition to Paulino and Durán, the others sworn in at the PRD include former deputy and businessman Marcelino Domínguez, Israel Sosa Zorrilla, former Secretary-General of the JRM, Johnny Peralta Núñez, member of the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee of the PRM in New York; María Lucas Ortiz, from the Protocol Directorate, Genis Féliz Sánchez, former president of the Bronx region and member of the Executive Committee; Jeurys Alfonso Tobal, from the Executive Committee; Jonathan Herrera Laureano, from the JRM, and Juan Bautista Féliz, former president of the Electric Front.

Also, Franklin de la Cruz, José Marte Pérez, Dante Paredes, César Santini, Juan Ballejo Casilla, Dikirsy Paulino, Lissy Soto, Euris Martínez Soto, Justo Constanzo, Marcos Calcaño, Arturo Estévez, and Maribel Vargas Ventura.

Paulino served as deputy secretary-general and member of the Executive Committee and the “Los 12” Group of the PRM, while Durán was the executive director of the Modern Revolutionary Youth (JRM).

Cabral presented certificates to Mota Paulino accrediting him as the president of the Growth Command of the PRD in New York, to Durán as the executive director of the same structure, to Genis Féliz as political secretary, Israel Sosa as secretary of the JRD, and Jonathan Herrera as political sub-secretary of the youth.

The event was also attended by Andrea Pérez, president of the PRD in New York, Miguelina Faña, secretary-general, Cañón Taveras, Carlos Silver, Belkis Pepín, Ramón Peña, Johnny Piñeiro, Raffy Almonte.

Journalist Jenny Gómez, press secretary of the PRD NY, led the event as the master of ceremonies.”



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