Polanco assumes the federal presidency of the PDI in the US and Canada and will lead the Opposition Block abroad.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada


NEW YORK._ Considered the most coveted potential candidate in the diaspora, Dr. Yomare Polanco assumed the federal presidency of the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI) in the United States on Monday, May 15, 2023, and will lead the Opposition Bloc abroad after being sworn in in the Dominican Republic by the organization’s leader, Ismael Reyes, in a ceremony held at the “Radisson” hotel in Plaza Naco in Santo Domingo.
Hours after being sworn in, Polanco, who defines himself on his social media profile as “a vocation father and husband and eternally in love with my beloved Quisqueya, for that I fight and will continue to fight for her,” said he made a historic decision.
“We will coordinate the Opposition Bloc abroad to create, together with you, a policy of well-being, equality and opportunities with a view to 2024,” Polanco said on his Twitter account.
Reyes defined him as a man with a long-standing in foreign policy, whose work in favor of the Dominican diaspora is well known.
Polanco explained that the Opposition Bloc’s agenda includes reactivating his political work by organizing all the people who follow him and who have been wanting and waiting for an outcome of what happened to his deputation that was stolen in the elections for three years, outside 2020.
He said that although part of the legal bodies and rights in the Dominican Republic, such as the Constitutional Court (TC), the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), and the Central Electoral Board (JCE) itself, have recognized that he was the victim of a conspiracy to deprive him of the triumph, the Government “does not want to let go.”



He pointed out that he will motivate all his followers in the United States to make an inventory with a piloncillo to quantify his followers and win the deputation again in 2024, a postulation that he has already publicly announced.
“As for the PDI membership to reorganize it as well, take an inventory of it, make a survey and motivate more Dominicans who believe in a better country and fight for the best causes to massively join our activities to multiply and grow,” Polanco explained.
He announced that a website called “Todos Somos Yomare Polanco” (www.todossomosyomarepolanco.com) had been created to recruit and allow all Dominicans in the United States and Canada, register there, get a code, PIN, or number to expand support membership.
As part of his goal, he reported that by August of this year, there would be a solid PDI, with supervisors or leaders to oversee each state and each county, who have their party campaign manager.
“We will work in Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island in New York, Paterson and Perth Amboy in New Jersey, Allentown and Reading in Pennsylvania which also have quite a few Dominicans, where each setting will have a campaign coordinator appointed to encourage that the PDI grow horizontally and vertically,” added Polanco.
“By the end of August, with an organized and strengthened PDI and a padroncillo with Yomare Polanco established and reinforced, we will begin the campaign of the Opposition Bloc of which I will be the general coordinator with all the parties that will be in the bloc, because there will be two fronts: the pro-government headed by President Luis Abinader and the opposition led by former President Leonel Fernández,” he revealed.
He said that from the end of August, he would work more as the federal president of the PDI for the United States and Canada, coordinating all the parties that will join the opposition block with many activities from coast to coast with the activism that characterizes him and the people. In all states is anxious.
“We have to say that the Government of Change has been a fiasco, without insulting President Abinader, who may be a good man but he failed us,” Polanco stressed.


Although he defined Abinader as a good man with work and a good family, he affirmed that “but he failed us because the famous change that he processed is a reverse change for which we want him out because he is surrounded by a group of inept.”

He revealed that he was about to negotiate a candidacy with the PRM. Still, he has been mistreated by leaders of that party and senior government officials who influenced the JCE so that even today, the victory is not recognized even when the TSE, the TC, and The JCE realized that a fraud was committed, “but they prefer to pay expensive lawyers with the people’s money to cover up the criminals of the JCE in 2020 instead of giving me the truth, apologizing and compensating the damage done to the diaspora and to For me, because of this situation, I cannot work with the PRM, which I consider to be more corrupt than all the corrupt that they want to prosecute, that is corruption and impunity”.
He reiterated the complaint that the PRM manipulates the president of the JCE, Román Jáquez Liranzo, and magistrates Samir Chami Isa and Rafael Vallejo, who have also mistreated him.
He recounted that he did not accept the PLD proposal either, although he praises Abel Martínez, who is a good young man with a future, PLD leaders have mistreated him, “it is not for boasting, I have to pay tribute to all those who have considered me as Abel, but the political leadership in New York, colluded with the conspirators to fraud my candidacy.”
He indicated that in this situation, Ismael Reyes appeared as a serious man who respects him because he has always treated him well, has fulfilled his business, is a total patriot with the values that characterize him, and is an honorable businessman as has also been his career.
“They are good people, who do not have that evil that many old politicians from the big parties have, because of that evil, I had reasons to say no to the PRM and the PLD and I have reasons to go with a party like the PDI, with a president like Ismael Reyes”, added Polanco.


“Those who do not understand today will understand tomorrow and God has always guided me to make the right decisions and I think we have made a great decision, not because of Yomare Polanco or because of the PDI as many people think, but so that, in itself, the Dominican people and the best Dominicans from here and there have a place where together we can build the guidelines for the future and the well-being of progress through the years,” he pointed out.
“Dominicans have the ability and virtue to build a country for future generations, however, now what we have is a country that is gradually regressing in such a way that the most vulnerable, who are 90% in our country, are The poor and their generations will not have the necessary opportunities to get out of poverty, we are going to create thousands of opportunities, equality and well-being with a policy to transform and not a change as Abinader offered, which is a fiasco, but with political, economic and social, which will be the basis of our work in the PDI and in the Opposition Bloc”, he summarized.
He reported that the bloc already has more than 12 parties, and the goal is to reach 18 to remove Abinader and all the inept PRM who are ruling.



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