“Polanco delivers donations to dozens of victims of a tropical disturbance in sectors and neighborhoods of Santo Domingo


By Miguel Cruz Tejada

NEW YORK— Dr. Yomare Polanco, a candidate for overseas deputy for the PRD in constituency #1 in the United States, delivered donations to dozens of victims of the recent tropical disturbance in various areas of Santo Domingo through his support team in the Dominican Republic, led by activist Jorge Joel Pérez.

The donations, including mattresses, mats, baby layettes, food rations, and a tractor that assisted in debris cleanup, were distributed yesterday, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day in the United States, in the sectors of Los Mina, Santo Domingo Norte, Santo Domingo Este, and the neighborhoods of Guaricamo, Sabana Perdida, Las 10 Tareas, Villa Norte, and Villa Sur.
Pérez explained that with this initiative, Polanco, although not a deputy in the area, is showing his community that there is a situation in the Dominican Republic that needs their help, and he is extending a helping hand.

The activist reported that a survey was first conducted to determine the priority needs of the affected people.

“He (Polanco) is not present, but we have gone, and it is important that today (yesterday, Thursday) is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, while his team is working here in the Dominican Republic, lending a helping hand,” Pérez added.

Polanco highlighted his team’s effort in the Caribbean, stating that the distance does not matter. Still, solidarity and altruism with the most in need should take precedence when Dominicans need help anywhere on the planet.

“Our support to fellow countrymen affected in those areas by the tropical disturbance that caused the collapse of the panels of the overpass of Avenues 27 de Febrero and Máximo Gómez due to lack of maintenance, leaving dozens dead in different parts of the country is part of the commitment to the social philosophy of lending a hand to those who need us, wherever and whenever,” added the PRD candidate.

“We will always be ready to respond to the economically disadvantaged because, regardless of political affiliations or sympathies for candidates, we are Dominicans and brothers by the national symbols that keep us united beyond the seas,” said Polanco.

“We hope that with this humble aid, we have been able to alleviate some of the needs of the victims and that the government responds quickly and efficiently in assisting everyone affected,” Polanco emphasized.

One beneficiary, identified as Doris, said with emotion that she is very grateful for the help of Deputy Yomare Polanco.
“We will always be grateful for this great help,” Doris added.”



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