Polanco requests the removal of judges Román, Samir, and Vallejo; He calls a press conference this Wednesday before the J.C.E. in the DR at 10 in the morning.

"We are happy and everyone has agreed with us, since July 5, 2020. My speech has been the same, it has not changed, consistently, my investigators and legal team have worked day and night and today we are in Federal Court and we continue to win and advance in this war that will not end until they give us final victory."


By Esteban Cabrera


NEW YORK._ Dr. Yomare Polanco and his followers have traveled from the United States to the Dominican Republic to convene a press conference in front of the Central Electoral Board (J.C.E.) building in Plaza de la Bandera in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, this Wednesday, May 3 at 10:00 in the morning in which they will formally request the dismissal of the President of the JCE, Judge Román Jaquez Liranzo, the judges Samir Rafael Chami Isa, and Rafael Armando Vallejo Santelises.


According to investigations carried out by El Periodico El Faro Latino, these three judges of the current JCE plenary session could be covering up acts of corruption and promoting impunity for financial and electoral crimes of the alleged criminals in the last Dominican elections in the US. under the presumption, of having committed illegal acts and electoral chaos, accompanied by an alleged embezzlement of almost 5 million dollars of funds from the Dominican elections abroad on July 5, 2020, in which evidence has been presented, of suspected criminal acts that fraudulently changed the results of the third delegation, affecting Dr. Yomare Polanco, who was a candidate for the PLD, after the disappearance, burning, burning and contamination of 5,667 invalid votes in constituency #1 in the US and disregarding a sentence of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) that ordered a recount of the invalid ballots.
Polanco explained together with the lawyer Albert Robles who represents him in the lawsuit filed in the Federal Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania that after announcing that he was taking a break until January 2024, he decided to return after the Constitutional Court (TC) gave him cause in a recent sentence where he affirms that his rights were violated and acknowledges that Dr. Yomare Polanco was the victim of sabotage as a candidate for overseas deputy in those 2020 elections.

“We were reviewing and translating more than 20,000 pages of the lawsuit file, which includes the Dominican government, the JCE, the general consulate, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and the decision of the (TC) and we considered that it had to be explained to our people, and to our followers here and abroad, there,” added Polanco.

“We are happy and everyone has agreed with us, since July 5, 2020. My speech has been the same, it has not changed, consistently, my investigators and legal team have worked day and night and today we are in Federal Court and we continue to win and advance in this war that will not end until they give us final victory,” he added.

He pointed out that the plenary session of the new JCE, chaired by Dr. Román Jaquez Liranzo, was forced to annul the act in which the previous board declared the candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Kenia Bidó, the winner. “I can’t speak ill of her because I never speak ill of any woman, especially not if she’s a mother,” Polanco said, to add later: “but, as a politician and deputy for the government party, she had to resign right then and there, just like those three JCE magistrates who support corruption, knowing the truth, because they have seen all the emails and without the JCE, this fraud would not have been done. However, they preferred to hide it, and look where we are; justice has still not been done to the diaspora,” he stressed.

“Even with the ruling of the Constitutional Court (TC), which clearly says that I was scammed, they still haven’t had the pants, and I’m talking about Román Jáquez, Rafael Vallejo and Samir Isa Chami, to make the place corrections,” he said, he.

“Our investigations have discovered that Samir is not from civil society as he says he is and responds to a political class, to the Hipólito Mejía sector that has denied him to act correctly,” revealed Polanco.

“Samir has opposed everything that is justice, so that 2+2 is 4, he has deceived the Dominican people, he is influenced by my great friend, Hipólito Mejía, but he is supposed to do the right thing, but nevertheless he did not does. He does the right thing,” he said.

“He is supporting corruption, the embezzlement of almost 5 million dollars, and that they allegedly embezzled and a delegation that they gave him in exchange for impunity, violated the popular vote, which was the representation of the democratic majority here, in the United States. Joined.

On top of that, they hire a very expensive Pennsylvania law firm to represent a cause they will not win. They pay millions of dollars from the Dominican people to represent a JCE in Pennsylvania that supported the alleged wrongdoing.
Polanco said.

Regarding Vallejo, he said that it is the same.

“He has some friends, according to what the investigations say, who are the two tough ones, Castaños Guzmán and Gilberto Cruz Herasme. If presumably they embezzled almost $5 million dollars and a deputation and they allow it, Vallejo is there to sanctify them with the P.R.M. and put that aside,” he maintained.

“I call this new J.C.E. as corrupt as the other. Including Román Jaquez, they have all received me; I have spoken with them, and they have presented themselves as honorable people who are going to administer justice correctly, but after Jaquez has gone into the vagrancy of supporting corruption and corrupt people: Román Jaquez, It was up to you to bring to justice those crimes of embezzlement, fraud, ticket burning, obstruction of justice, money laundering, robbery, tax evasion, but firefighters do not step on the hose, Polanco said.
“Well then, Román Jaquez, we are going to step on you, because with that way of acting against the diaspora, I am going to ask the lawyers to also investigate them by applying the R.I.C.O. Law that they are part of a mafia, the same one that has controlled since Castaños Guzmán and Cruz Herasme and all their henchmen set up the mafia here in the O.C.L.E.E. where they did and undid in North American territory, abusing North American citizens, you follow the same mafia because they are as corrupt as the previous ones,” warned.
“If I am wrong, prove it to me; it is easy: bring the criminals to justice because it was not enough to separate them from the J.C.E. No, you have the files that implicate them on file.
Polanco accuses these three judges of attending to their agendas instead of administering justice correctly as they should. He denounced that “Román Jaquez is focused on repeating four more years as President of the J.C.E., which is why he shows full support for the government in its task of preserving the illegitimate deputy of the P.R.M. imposed by the last administration of the J.C.E., the Same is being done by Judge Samir Chami who has made every possible effort not to allow the truth to triumph in the Polanco case because he also hopes that by ingratiating himself with the P.R.M., specifically with Hipolito Mejía, Samir believed that he would ensure that he “would be the next President of the J.C.E. for the period 24-28. In other words, these judges have wanted to sacrifice the diaspora and not administer justice for personal benefits, and we will not tolerate that,” Polanco emphasized.

The lawyer, Robles, explained that the defense of the J.C.E. Allegations in court that he is not responsible for what happened in the 2020 foreign elections.
He said that this motion lacks strength and Polanco’s legal team is working so that the judge in the case dismisses it.

“They have very good lawyers, although they are not better than us, but they are good and they are very expensive for that,” Robles added.
“But fundamentally in this case, what we want to be very clear is that the facts are not up for debate, everyone, regardless of party, admits that there were irregularities, crimes,” he said.

The jurist points out that the J.C.E. alleges that a sovereign country can go to another sovereign nation and commit crimes in that sovereign country without any consequences.

“That is the main argument of the J.C.E.,” said Robles.
“The cases are binding because they share a part of the case of Dr. Yomare Polanco, but they also arise from the same controversy over the 2020 elections,” he added.

Polanco and Robles offered the details in the program “We in the U.S.A.,” broadcast on Sunday, April 30, 2023, interviewed by reporter Manuel Ruiz.



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