Polanco resigns from his candidacy for deputy from the PDI and the Opposition Bloc for violation of the agreement.


NEW YORK._ Dr. Yomare Polanco resigned his candidacy for overseas deputy from the PDI and the Opposition Bloc for the violation of the agreement reached in January and which was violated by the People’s Force (FP), which decided not to maintain support as a candidate for overseas representative of the allied parties, but for the presidential candidate, Dr. Leonel Fernández.

Polanco made his resignation official in a letter he sent to Leonel Fernández, president of the People’s Force; Dr. Ismael Reyes, president of the PDI; José Francisco Peña Guaba, president of the BIS and the Opposition Bloc, Ismael Alberto Reyes, general secretary of the PDI, David Castillo, president of the PDI for Latin America, Nathanael Concepción, assistant to Leonel and Roberto Rosario, coordinator of the parties allied with FP, dated August 9, 2023.

The party referees summoned Polanco to the Dominican Republic, where they met with those mentioned in Funglode. They proposed to Polanco the support of all the parties of the opposition block except that of the People’s Force. With this, the previous agreement was broken where all the Opposition bloc parties guaranteed support for Polanco’s Circ # 1 USA deputy candidacy and Dr. Leonel Fernández’s presidential candidacy.

Polanco explained in the letter that after analyzing your proposal yesterday, Tuesday, August 8, 2023, during our meeting in Funglode, in which you tried to change our previous agreement in which I accepted the General Coordination of the Opposition Block Abroad in support for the presidential candidacy of Dr. Leonel Fernández in exchange for the help of all the parties of the Opposition Bloc for my candidacy for overseas deputy in the Circumscription No. 1 of the USA, I have decided to resign from said position”.

The letter indicates that the resignation is from the general coordination of the Opposition Bloc, the federal presidency in the United States of the PDI and the support for Leonel’s presidential candidacy.

The resignation is immediate and irrevocable.

“In the same way, I resign from the honorable and distinguished position held up to now as federal president of the PDI for the USA and Canada,” Polanco added in his resignation letter.

He asked to respect his decision because he does not like to waste his time or make others lose it for him.

I wish you the best of success in your future political and personal life.
Nal” concludes the correspondence.

Polanco will also move away from participating in the Dominican community’s cultural and social activities, taking an indefinite break to dedicate himself to his family and his companies.

Polanco has multiple invitations from other parties that could offer him the candidacy for overseas deputies for constituency #1 in the United States. Polanco recently received offers for a candidate from the PRM, the PLD, PRD, PRSC, and Ramfis Trujillo’s PDE, among other parties.

With his resignation, FP and the Opposition Bloc parties lost a candidate for a deputy that guaranteed an overwhelming victory for those forces, none of whom had congressional representation abroad.

Since they declared that they were leading the PDI and the Opposition Bloc, Polanco began to invigorate Dominican politics abroad and project these organizations with numerous swearing-ins and a very active electoral campaign with which few candidates in the constituency are in a position to compete successfully.



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