Police in New York is investigating an incident involving Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Travis Scott at a nightclub.


NEW YORK According to Fox News Digital, the New York Police Department wants to investigate rapper Travis Scott over an alleged assault on a guy at a Manhattan nightclub.


According to the NYPD, no one is currently being sought regarding the incident. The probe is still ongoing, though.


According to several sources, Scott allegedly physically struggled with a sound engineer at the club during a heated disagreement.

The 30-year-old allegedly smashed pricey sound equipment at the nightclub, including a speaker and video screen, causing $12,000 in damages.

Mitchell Schuster, Scott’s attorney, said: “We are actively working with the venue and law enforcement to address and clear up the confusion, even though it is obvious that sensationalism and false information have exaggerated this. We are sure that our client will be exonerated of all charges.”

The managing partner of Club Nebula, Ritchie Romero, where the claimed incident occurred, told Fox, “This has been entirely exaggerated. The evening was fantastic.”

Tuesday night’s Don Toliver performance at Irving Plaza featured a surprise cameo from Scott.

“This is a huge misunderstanding,” declared Dorian Harrington, who hired Toliver to organize his after-party at Club Nebula, “and what I saw on stage doesn’t represent what I read in the papers.”

After Scott performed a surprise DJ set, Harrington joined him on stage and commented, “The music and the night turned out amazing and everyone went happily.”
Kylie Jenner and Scott, whose true name is Jacques Berman Webster II, are parents to two children.

The “Goosebumps” rapper previously made headlines when his 2021 Astroworld music extravaganza resulted in 10 fatalities and hundreds more injuries.

At the Houston music festival, a mob surge reportedly claimed the lives of ten victims.

Compression asphyxia was identified as the cause of death for each victim, according to paperwork from the Houston medical examiner’s office that Fox News Digital was able to obtain. The “combined toxic effects of cocaine, methamphetamine, and ethanol” contributed to one victim’s death.

The deaths were deemed to be unintentional.

Following the fatal event, numerous lawsuits against Scott and other festival participants were filed.

In a face-to-face chat with Charlamagne, Scott underlined what transpired after the tragic events. Thank Goodness he was performing and was unaware of the intensity of the crowd surge.

The rapper stated that he was unaware of the specifics until just before the press conference which followed his performance. And even then, you’re thinking, “Wait, what?”

Things happen at concerts, including people passing out, but Scott stated something.



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