Political, religious, and professional leaders and community activists begin to take the oath in the PDI in support of Polanco.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada


NEW YORK._ Numerous political, religious, professional, sports, corporate, and business leaders and community activists began to be sworn into the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI) after leaving the respective organizations in which they were active to support the candidacy for overseas representative by that organization of Dr. Yomare Polanco.


The new members of the PDI are located in different states of constituency # 1 in the United States, such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, and Washington, DC, where they maintain the legacy of an indelible imprint for their struggles. In favor of the Dominican community abroad, they also stand out as prodigious leaders recognized for their successes in each area they practice.

Polanco said when highlighting and congratulating the valuable decision of the sworn-in, some of whom have been appointed to key positions in the organizational structure of the PDI, that it is the first group of eminent Dominican men and women aware that the diaspora deserves to the respect that was trampled upon with the electoral chaos of 2020 is restored.

“We give a well-deserved welcome to all the leaders, men and women, many of them who had spent decades in the institutions in which they were active before taking this historic step, to strengthen the structures of the PDI and fight for real change to materialize in 2024. that the diaspora longs for,” added Polanco, the federal president of the PDI who will coordinate the Opposition Bloc abroad, including Canada.

Polanco described the entrance to the PDI of the leaders as a valuable group of personalities who will contribute their talents, knowledge, strategies, and experiences to the triumph of the cause for the well-being of all Dominicans in the diaspora.

Among those sworn in is the well-known activist from the city of New Brunswick in New Jersey, Yanilda Altagracia García, who has been part of Polanco’s political and community team for years, the well-known lawyer based in Peabody, Massachusetts, Rosaurys Villamán Ortiz, sworn in as the Supervisor of Women for the United States and Canada of the PDI, the prominent and influential reverend Oscar Aquiles Guerrero Ureña, spiritual teacher and current secretary general of the Council of Latino Pastors and Ministers of the State of New Jersey and leader of the American Baptist Church in the United States exercising his Ministry in New Jersey.

Also, the renowned political and community leader of the Dominican diaspora in the capital of North Carolina, Dulce Rodríguez, joined the PDI after resigning from the organization to which she belonged.

She was sworn in as a Regional PDI Supervisor for US Region #5, encompassing the states of North Carolina and South Carolina.

The renowned activist Juan Agustín Mañón Peña was chosen as federal vice president of the PDI for the United States and Canada.

Polanco said that Mañón has long years of activism, loyalty, respect, and ability, which have earned him such a high responsibility that comes with the position of second in command of the PDI for the United States and Canada.

The emblematic lawyer and activist Damiana Calcaño Gálvez was sworn in as Supervisor of Zone #2 of the United States of the PDI.

Polanco announced that this first group is the outpost for an avalanche of hundreds of followers who will join the PDI and its political and legislative project for the 2024 elections, describing as invincible the structure that began to be assembled these days and that will be standing and alert to ensure the transparency and honesty of the process, preventing the rights of the diaspora from being undermined again.



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