President Abinader delivers 30 apartments to families from the Dominican diaspora in the United States.


New York.- President Luis Abinader delivered 30 apartments from the Happy Family National Housing Plan this Saturday to Dominicans from the diaspora in the United States.

This is the first delivery of the keys to housing solutions that the Government has made outside of Dominican soil and corresponded to New York.

The Familia Feliz homes are in Boca Chica, Pedro Brand and Santo Domingo Oeste.


In addition, are 60 applicants waiting to be linked to a residential project, who will be contacted to conclude the process in the coming days.

In the eleventh installment of the plan’s projects, 37% of the beneficiaries are nuclear families, and women heads of household lead 56% of the homes.

While 88% of Dominicans are first generation as a diaspora, 24 % have lived outside their country for more than 20 years, and 40% have between 11-29 years of emigrating.

Likewise, 40% are acquiring the house to guarantee the stability of their family nucleus left in the Dominican Republic, and 48% of the applicants want to return to their homeland at the time of their retirement to their own home.

These families maintain a strong economic and emotional bond with the Dominican Republic, 60% send remittances to relatives, and 36% frequently visit the country, consume Dominican products and participate in Dominican events from where they reside.

Project characteristics

The housing units of the various projects where Dominicans abroad have begun to benefit have a surface area of ​​70 square meters of construction.

Also, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room and balcony.

Residential projects offer decent and safe homes with common and recreation areas, among other amenities, offering community life.


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