President Abinader initiates a dialogue in Haiti with the Dominican political leadership.


Santo Domingo, DR: President Luis Abinader met with representatives of 27 parties in the first meeting to agree on a national pact for the defense and protection of national sovereignty, proposed by the President in his speech on February 27.

For more than two hours, they talked about foreign policy, immigration and border control, human rights, national security, economic impact, and the Haitian crisis, among other topics.

They attended on behalf of the People’s Force, Manolo Pichardo; for the Social Christian Reformist Party, Ramón Rogelio Genao and Tácito Perdomo; for the Modern Revolutionary Party, Eddy Olivares and José Julio Gómez; by Alianza País, Guillermo Moreno and Fidelio Despradel; for the National Progressive Force Marino Vinicio Castillo and Pelegrín Castillo; for Dominicans for Change, Manuel Oviedo and for Democratic Option Minou Tavárez.


Sometimes; for the Civic Renewal Party, Jorge Zorrilla Ozuna; by Alianza Por la Democracia, Max Puig, and Carlos Sánchez; for Possible Country, Milton Morrison; for the PAL, Maritza López; for MODA, Elsido Diaz, for the Luis Acosta Moreta Christian Democratic Unity Party, for the Trajano Santana Institutional Revolutionary Party; for the Juan Cohen National Party of the Citizen’s Will; by the Ramón Emilio Goris and Eléxido Paula Dominican Humanist Party and by the Social Democratic Revolutionary Juan Estévez and Ricardo Polanco.

Also, for the Social Democratic Institutional Bloc, Wenshy Medina, for the Broad Front, Juan Dionicio Rodríguez; for the Popular Democratic Party, Namibia Díaz; for the Liberal Reform Party, Amaury Guzmán and Peter Sánchez Aristy; for the MNB, Modesto Guzmán; for the PSC, Soraya Aquino; for the PVD, Ariel Pantaleon, and for the PPP, Pablo Yarull.

For the Government, in addition to Abinader, the Ministers of the Interior, Jesús Vásquez and Defense, Lieutenant General Carlos Díaz Morfa; the Administrative Vice Minister of the Presidency, Andrés Lugo Risk; the intelligence director of the Ministry of Defense, Major General Jorge Camino Pérez and Andrés Bautista. an/am


On behalf of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Eddy Olivares stated that “there was a commitment from the parties of different ideologies, with the Nation, with the Republic, to walk together towards the solution of the problem.”

He said that it reflected the maturity and solidity of the political leadership before a call by the President of the Republic “to deal with an issue of the highest importance such as immigration and the Haitian crisis.”


They agreed to continue the meetings at the National Palace next week, including other political, social, and academic sectors.


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